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    Discount Coupon 2.3 not quite working

    All I did was edit the files. No deleting. Can you please tell me which file I need to look at
  2. Jesse_Chase

    Discount Coupon 2.3 not quite working

    This works for me however, in my admin panel I get some screwy text. I have attached an image to show you. How do I fix this?
  3. Jesse_Chase


    How do I do this?
  4. Jesse_Chase


    I am looking to add to my oscommerce v.2.3.1 the ability to give frequent buyer discounts. I also want to have a point tracking system for oscommerce so that for each $ amount a customer purchases they can apply those points as credit. Please Help me. I am in desperate need and cannot find anything for 2.3.1
  5. Jesse_Chase

    best add-on for separate price per customer?

    will this work with 2.3.1?
  6. Jesse_Chase

    Bill them later

    I want to add a payment method of "Bill them later" and not use credit cards online. How do I do this?