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  1. I'm having an issue with coupons not being passed to PayPal. The coupons do show on the checkout_confirmation.php and are deducted from the totals. When the transaction is sent to PayPal the coupons don't show up and the order total does not reflect the coupon discount. Coupon module: 5743 Paypal module: 5655 patched with 8763 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, WSG
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    Hi, We just installed SiteMonitor and are running into 'Internal Server Error Error 500' on some of the sites we installed it on when we run sitemonitor.php. This error only occurs if there have been any files added, renamed or deleted. We do not get this error when we check for 'Hacked Files'. We can recreate the error by: - create a new reference file (sometimes this generates the '500' error so we delete it manually) - execute SiteMonitor (either button) - no differences so it finishes without error - add, rename or delete a file (renaming a file reproduces it every time) - execute SiteMonitor (either button) - Internal Server Error Error 500 The sites have about 4,000 files that are being checked (we've excluded as many as possible). The code just stops part way through the 'file size checks' if the file counts don't match (which they don't when a file has been renamed). * We're running PHP 5.2.14 on a Linux server. * All the sites we've installed it on are using the same master hosting account. * The error happens at about the 20 - 25 second mark while running. * Our max_execution_time is 60 seconds. * Our memory_limit 256MB. * We get the error when running it via the sitemonitor_admin or the cron job. * The server logs only show Premature end of script headers: /user/html/site/store/admin/sitemonitor_admin.php Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. WSG