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    I'm a professional programmer with quite some experience on osCommerce. The advice I give on the site is free and to be used at your own risk.
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  1. Hi all, Been searching and browsing this topic but cannot seem to find the problem that I have. Sorry if I'm double-posting, but time is scarse (as ever). Problem: Order-total is not zero when coupon is negative. Environment: osC v2.3.3.4, add-on v3.34 E.g.: Subtotal: €3.90 Shipping:€2.95 Coupon xxx: -€9.99 Total: €0.51 (<== should be zero!) Settings: Sort Order 90 Display subtotal with applied discount? false Display tax in discount line? Display discount with discounted tax applied Exclude product specials? true Display discount total lines for each tax group? true Allow negative order total? false Coupon of €8.26, fixed amount, with 21% tax this is €9.99. Weird thing: the order-total remains 0.51 regardless of the subtotal value (as long as the calculation remains negative). Any ideas? TIA!
  2. Experienced the same problem using FF on my laptop (no result on sendtransactiontogateway). Installed the GIT fix from hpdl (from another forum post) but that didn't do it. Now with the version of @@Bob Terveuren it works like a charm! Great work! Thanks! (Pity these kind of errors occur in a "recent" version...)
  3. Just a wild guess here, @@mountainviewcoins, but if I recall it well, the rewrite engine uses -p- to refer to the product info page: RewriteRule ^(.*)-p-(.*).html$ product_info.php?products_id=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} Since the seo.class.php replaces all blanks (spaces) with hyphens, I think your P is misinterpreted as a reference to the product info page... I cannot think of a viable solution right now... maybe there are others with suggestions? LOL, Jack and I posted at the same time...
  4. I've got a client who'd like to see the hyphen between the categories replaced by a forward slash. I've fooled around with the code a bit, but can't seem to get it completely right. Also, I'm afraid to break it up (and maybe pay for it by getting worse rankings). The solution presented here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/154166-contribution-ultimate-seo-urls-v21-by-chemo/page__st__3660#entry1388842 works a bit, but only between (all of) the categories and the product. Since the hyphen seems to be hardcoded all around in the code, it might be a good idea to turn this "delimiter" into a configuration variable in a future release. But for a short-term solution: can you point me to the lines that I can (and need to) change, without me having to be scared of breaking anything? Thx!
  5. I've been working on OSCOM for years, setting it up, configuring it, programming it with various extensions for my customers, so now I think I'm ready to answer some questions from my experience...