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  1. web-project! Thank you for your response!! i am using utf chinese language on admin and front end, however the assembly of the CSV is via excel. save to a unicode. the unicode is not holding through the import using easy populate =( ive tired almost every solution available on a thread out there. from using open office .org to every permutation of saves in excel
  2. Hi All, wondering if anyone has experience with using easy populate with a unicode language pack (japan, chinese, korean etc..) saving and uploading unicode is generating all these weird looking wingdings. i have installed the chinese language pack in zencart as well as in the zencart admin. still cant get easy populate to import the characters properly. i have a windows xp machine with language packs and ime installed. i have tried various ways (saving txt file as unicode first, and other permutations of similar style) as described on different threads and i still cant get the characters to hold or easy populate to import without error. any help the community could provide would be greatly appreciated. :D