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  1. Hi stoopidme, thank you for your thoughts. My problem is, I don't know the table structure and what have changed since then. If I install a 2.2.ms-Version-DB to a newer one, what will be effected? Some parts may result in a sudden error, some missings may result in a error lately. Same if I only work on product related tables. I could directly work in phpMyAdmin, but don't know the design of product-elements in DB, are there relations to other tables. regards AR
  2. Hi, I do have same problem like rundlegd. I am searching through google or in this forum for a solution but can't find one. What I found: the structure of the box changed since v.2.3. Before it worked. This problem is not only arising for easy populate, but too for addons like site monitor. So, we must wait till all the contributers bring up their addons to the newest coding style? I may get it working here, but should than have problems in the addon related pages, isn't it? Regards Arunie