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  1. vibewireless

    SIM Transaction Error Notification

    I find many posts but no clear responses with any fixes. My OSCommerce version is V2.2 RC2 Using Authorize.net SIM for payments. Default settings in admin with login API and transaction key. 1. Customers can place transactions and are redirected to https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll just fine. When the forms are completed and the credit card information is submitted, customer immediately gets the response: In my authorize.net admin the transaction is completed successfully. I get the following email from authorize.net: So, in a nutshell, the card is being charged just fine but the error is displayed on the screen. In addition, the order isn't being completed and is not showing up in admin. Lastly, the customer's cart (even though their card is charged) isn't being emptied and the next time they log in, the product from the transaction is still visible in the cart. It's as though the card is being charged, but the order is not being completed. Suggestions on Fixes? And, i do not desire to install an SSL certificate so using AIM method is not an option. Surely there is a fix to the error encountered with SIM.
  2. vibewireless

    Need Help Installing and Using Easy Populate

    Resolved. Albeit in French, I found someone with the same problem here. http://www.oscommerce-fr.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=42460 Original file on line 659 from the download is: echo FILENAME ': ' . $localfile . "<br>"; Resolved line is now: echo FILENAME . ': ' . $localfile . "<br>"; A simple syntax error. " . " needed to follow "FILENAME"
  3. vibewireless

    Need Help Installing and Using Easy Populate

    I followed the directions in the download for EasyPopulate 2.72. I added the files to the required folders/directories. I updated the $tempdir in easypopulate.php based upon my folder structure. I signed into oscom admin and the link to easy populate appears properly under the "Catlog" link. However, when i click the lin for Easy Populate, the error below is displayed in the browser. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in /home/content/2/7262768/html/osc/admin/easypopulate.php on line 659 Line 659 in this file is: echo FILENAME ': ' . $localfile . "<br>"; did i do something wrong..?
  4. I am completely new to both OSCommerce and what it takes to create a site. It has been suggested I use Easy Populate to import and create products, categories, etc, etc. however, i have no clue how to even start. I have the easypopulate.php file and am reading through the information within the file. However, it's all foreign to me. Is there a step by step tutorial out there anywhere that helps you start and finish the installation and utilization of the add on? I see a fair number of gripes, groans, and troubleshooting posts but nothing to the extent of "here's the file, here's what you do with it to get it to work, and here's how you use it". If that doesn't exist, then it should for beginners such as myself.