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  1. HELP PLEASE, I can't seem to get the comment into the SagePay Form... From the page checkout_shipping.php where the customer can add a comment about the order (Add Comments About Your Order). When it goes through to the Simulator account page I can see all of the details but nothing about the comments You can see this when you go to http://www.mybabyblanket.ie/2/buy_a_blanket_boy.php Thanks a mill in advance
  2. I've installed option types but can't get rid of the progress bar... I changed it to None in the Option Types Configuration bit but no joy... anyone know how I can do this? Ed
  3. Hi there. I have a site that sells a product which is tailor made, so i want to be able to take custom information... I use oscommerce v2.2 rc2. I can see in product attributes that I can add options, but I need to specify a value for that option. in my case I want the customer to be able to add in their own text string (e.g. their name (to be stitched in to the product))... Any ideas on how to do this... One way: I can do it on a separate page myself and pass it in a URL to the oscommerce shopping cart, but I don't know how to get it into the final string . variable that passes to my payment module (SagePay)... Can anyone help... See the url below to show you where I'm at...
  4. edkellett

    Contrib PWA help

    I am new to installing contribs.... where exactly and which contrib of the PWA (Pay Without Account) can I use with oscommerce version 2.2 rc2 Also same question for contrib option types 2 Thanks a mill in advance Ed
  5. edkellett

    Sage Pay Form - How do I Enable it?

    I've had to reinstall the earlier 2.2 version of osc. When i go to modules - payment I don't see Sage Pay there... What can I do? Ed
  6. edkellett

    How do I install a contrib?

    Thanks, Where do i get that version? can you pass me a link as I can't find it... Ed
  7. I am new to this... Someone told me I should install this config: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6818/v,22 Trouble is when I try to download from the link on the right hand side I get a zip which can't be opened... So I downloaded the first one from 16th June... and overwrited files... now nothing works and even when I do a roll back to a backed up version of the files, nothing works... help!
  8. edkellett

    Sage Pay Form - How do I Enable it?

    Thanks a million... Great!
  9. edkellett

    Sage Pay Form - How do I Enable it?

    I have just installed OS Commerce and I want to integrate it with Sage Pay Form... In the fist few lines of the documentation it says the following: ************************* Configuration Settings: EnableSage Pay Form Module Setting this parameter to True makes the payment method available to customers during the checkout procedure. Vendor Login Name The vendor login name used to connect to the transaction gateway with. Encryption Password The password used to encrypt and secure transactions with. Transaction Method The following transaction methods are available to process transactions with: *********************** My question is... where is this stuff and how do i change it? How do I set the EnableSage Pay Form??? Thanks, Ed
  10. I found the download for the zones for Ireland http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/432 but when I try to import to my database it only adds one zone - (Cavan) Help please Ed