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  1. Hi Everyone I have the Royal Mail Shipping module installed giving me Royal Mail Rates. The problem I have is in the shipping estimator if a product weighs 200g Royal mail puts it as 20000g the express zone reads 200g just as it should. I have searched everywhere for the answer but can't seem to find it. This also shows on the orders in admin once they have purchased. No-ones complained but it needs to be sorted out if only because its driving me mad!!!!!!! This is how it reads in text! Shipping Options: Please Log In, to display your personal shipping costs. Items: 2 - Weight: 84g Country: Please Post Code: Recalculate Shipping Methods: Rates: Royal Mail Rates (Shipping to GB : 11400 g(s)) ?0.00 Express Shipping (Special Delivery - Next Day : 114 g(s)) ?4.05 I am only a novice with this OSC stuff but seem to muddle my way through so any input or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Lisa
  2. lisabendon

    Worldpay callback URL

    I have found where to put the URL in Worldpay but it still isn't going back to the site? To enter the callback URL you have to log into your admin area, then go down to the bit that says Installations for whatever, you should then see your site name with (select junior) next to it, on the right hand side click on configuration options which opens up a new screen. Here you can enter the callback URL and then you need to tick the box that says callback enable and I believe the other box that says use callback response. I haven't managed to get this to work yet. It worked once for me when I did a test. I recieved an order through OSCommerce and an email from worldpay to say the payment had been made, but I have had to use recover cart option to get the customers orders ever since then. Not sure why this is? if you manage to get it working properly please let me know Hope this helps Lisa
  3. lisabendon

    paypal problem

    Hi You need to go into your PayPal account, go into the page that sets up shipping and tick the little box at the bottom to tell PayPal to use the shipping that comes over from OSC. Not sure if thats been any help? but I hope it has Lisa