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  1. What's vastly stranger than the indexes not working, is that originally I had about 50mb of data from the old user tracking contrib. I then purged past 72 hours, and optimized and repaired my sql database. It's now down to 1.6mb. Then I went to view tracking details for particular users... and it was barely faster. A little faster, but not siginificantly so compared to having a 50mb user_tracking db. *This* is very strange, indeed. Hahaha. Anyone know why this would happen?
  2. With phpMyAdmin I added a simple index to session_id, and it didn't seem to speed anything up when viewing a particular user's session. That seems very odd to me, actually. That would seem to be the key field to index. Also tried user_ip, in the off chance the script tried to sort by that, but that didn't help either, but that was predicted.
  3. MySQL experts, Anyway to speed this amazing contrib up with sql indexes? Seems like it would be useful to index *something*, for when you hit view session. Hmm.
  4. Yeah, you got it. I never ever ship boxes from my retail site. Everything is too small and too light. I've never needed to yet, but I'd probably split up a big order in multiple envelopes. The Fedex calc wouldn't have to do that, though. On an order that large, I'd just comp the extra shipping, probably. Makes it easier, and is nice to the customer. So you think doing envelopes is possible? That'd be greaaat! :)
  5. By the way, I do get the same exact rates on the Fedex site with their rate quoter as your script spits out (for box size, anyway), so that's not an issue. I just need to specify a packaging type somehow.
  6. Umm, I dunno. I never ship anything big enough to go in a box. All items are spec'ed at something like .05 pounds. They're just little viles and whatnot. I should probably reduce the weights even more. I usually give people flat rate shipping, but a contrib like this needs the weights to be accurate, and I'd hate to see an order total up to more than .5 pounds (the max for an international envelope), when it's actually under that. On the fedex website, it lets me select between a fedex envelope, box, or my own packaging (in which case it asks for dimensions). I can't see where to specify this in your script.
  7. Hey Steve, Thanks for this awesome contribution! Got it working,a nd it looks great. One major question, though -- how do you get this quoting envelope rate? All my products are just ounces, so I always use envelopes. The difference between a half pound or less box and an envelope going from my US location, to say, England, could be $20 -- around $30 for an envelope, almost $50 for the small box. Domestic box and envelope rates are much closer. I don't want to overcharge anyone, though, and prefer to give the lowest shipping rates possible. Any way to change this? I looked at the code, but couldn't find any obvious package type variables. Regards, Jon
  8. jon


    Hi. I'm running L5 and installed Osc-Affiliate awhile back, but only recently got an active affiliate. I issued him a coupon to give out on his site to increase sales. Works marvelously. (I'd highly recommend the coupon + Affiliate combo) HOWEVER, there's one big problem.. his commission is based on the sales total PRE-coupon, which is really devastating to margins, heh! Anyone know how to change it so %s are calculated on the post-coupon price? I also issue gift certs as free incentives, and would like to be able to calculate the commission post gift cert, as well. Thank you for any advice that can be given. Jon
  9. jon

    Problem with Sid Killer v1.2

    Crap. They keep messing with their prices! The first one I got was $15, then I paid $9 a couple weeks ago. Now it's $29. Who knows what it'll be next week. Still a good deal at $29, but encroaching on the area of InstantSSL. Freessl's free cert isn't necessarily evil, either. For free, you get pretty good IE 5.01 + and netscape compatability. No opera, I think. Hardly perfect, but well worth the $0! I also highly recommend you make your secure URL something like: https://secure.store.com instead of www.store.com That gives another cue to the potential buyer that you are secure. It's not so easy to see that little lock. It is easy to know it's secure when it says secure in the url, and you give a number of other cues. It's also nice to picture the lock on your order page, and tell folks clearly that "This page is 100% secure", much like fragracenet.com does on their homepage. All these cues add up to more comleted orders, and more money for you.
  10. jon

    Problem with Sid Killer v1.2

    Thawte and Verisign, are great if you need to support IE4 and other browsers around that era. Verisign in particular has up to $250,000 'guarantee' with their certificates, as their prices reflect. I don't have a $49 USD InstantSSL, but it's a starting point since most browsers from IE5 + have the root certificate for this installed, so it's a seemless transition from HTTP to HTTPS. Tony The site seal you get the Thawte and Verisign are also worth it. More people will actually order with those. Just survey your friends -- some will even recognize Verisign's guarantee. Seems like they wouldn't, but they do. People are suspicious and look for those little cues before commiting to a purchase to a company they may not have heard of it. They're scared and want assurance. (I also recommend joing SquareTrade and ePublicEye for these very reasons) On the cheap, I recommend the $9 ChainedSSL from freessl.com. I almost literally have a way place in my high for this high value, low cost cert. :D It's the same as what InstantSSL gives you. IE 5.0+ compatability, decent Netscape and Opera. Tons of people use the Win98/IE5.0 combo, making ChainedSSL and InstantSSL outrageously better than some other newcomers, like Geo-trust, which blow warnings on those folks. 14-18% of my buyer's wouldn't be buyers if I used Geo-trust. (the bizarre thing is that Geo-Trust owns freessl.com, now -- it's weird getting a superior cert for $9 from a company selling an inferior one for over $100!) It's great to start with ChainedSSL (I do with all of my sites), then move to Thawte or Verisign for their nice, sales increasing secure site 'click here to verify' seal.
  11. I'm interested in throwing some bucks into a coupon improvement project like this, too!! For my money... I'd also love to see reciprocal coupons. Something like a simple affiliate system for ordinary consumers, whereby they get issued coupons to give friends, that will issue one back to them (or fund their gift voucher fund) every time a referred friends buy from them. Kinda like the $5 automatic friend referral fee from paypal. You get $5, you friend gets $5. No affiliate program to join, but it got massive #s of people int the system.
  12. Just installed this in Loaded5, Ian's value dense snapshot based on MS1. Apparently, I was installing this right in the middle of an order, and I got to see the remaining order path this customer took. All I can say is ... wow!! What great insider information to get! It's like standing behind the customer with a stopwatch, watching their every move and timing them, to boot! This thing is freaking amazing! Thank you !! Everyone should install this! Seriously!! Ahem, now, uh, before I have a cheerleading related coronary... ;) One modification *needed* for the new snapshot, under php 4.3.0, at least... Instead of // user_tracking modifications // if (!$referer_url) { // $referer_url = $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_REFERER']; // tep_session_register('referer_url'); // } Use // user_tracking modifications if (!$referer_url) { $referer_url = $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_REFERER']; if ($referer_url) { tep_session_register('referer_url'); } } Otherwise you get all those unhappy TEP Stop errors. With this one mod to the instructions, everything works A OK! :D
  13. jon


    Quite awesome!!! Can't wait to try this out in it's entirety! I just gotta say... for younger programs out there, it's good to donate something now, then donate BIGGER when your program grows. :) After all, something like groundbreak runs over $200, and outside services like Commission Junction run over $6000 in startup fees, then 20% off the top. So a solution pre-integrated with oSc is a fine, fine deal that should be compensated for by everyone using it somehow. Now, I do have a question... When I go to the login -- affiliate_affiliate.php, it uses the secure URL. However, unlike login.php, this page displays the non-SSL version of images, so the browser blows warning. How do we go about fixing this? Otherwise, looks great so far! Again, can't wait to put this through it's paces! :)
  14. That's some really good information, Hobzilla. After I get my authnet license, I'm going to try out these mods. Developers: These mods seem to make a *lot* of sense. I hope the ADC module is integrated into CVS with Hobzilla's suggestions. Unless it already happens, btw, it would also be nice for these modules to pass the user's ip name (resolved, preferably) tacked onto the order information field. That way, when you're manually checking for fraud each day in the AuthNet interface itself, you can void the orders where the ip and ordering and shipping info just don't jive. There's a GeoIP module you can use to reference where IPs are coming from. GeoIP is exciting, and can help cut down on fraud *a lot*. I believe this is what Probilling.com uses (I use them to process sales for an instant access ebook). http://www.maxmind.com/ GeoIP PHP API & module: http://www.maxmind.com/app/php Now to address your curiosity about whether AuthNet checks the customer's name... Unless Authorize.Net is different from when I last used it, AuthNet will NOT verify the customer's name. AVS itself verifies only the street # and postal code. CVV is just, well.. the CVV. That's it. When I was last with Authnet, they sold a form of fraud protection which would cross-check informaiton given against Equifax's database. That would check more of the information given. I think, though, they gave intermediary screens to ask for more info, and they also provided misleading questions not unlike what ebay's ID Verify questions asks of you (I.E., "We detect you have a may have a mortage for [some false amount]. Which mortgage company did you finance through? Bogus Company A, Bogus Company B, etc."). Their Falcon FraudScore system baed on the at the time didn't seem to care, either. It seemed to only match up the card's # and expiration date, and would increase the fraud score mostly based on velocity of sales. The more sales seen, the higher the risk of fraud. (HORRIBLE at christmas time, btw!!! You'd end up penalizing GOOD shoppers!) I tried different names and tried changes other variables that wouldn't trip up AVS, and the Fraud scoring system just didn't seem to give a damn. For all the authnet systems care, a fraudster may as well use the name "I Defraud You". It's up the merchant to cach criminals like that. Of course, maybe the situation is different now. I can comment more accurately in a couple more days. Hope this helps. :) Jon
  15. jon

    [Contribution] FAQ system v.1.0

    Hi... great contrib! Thanks! When this is updated, how about an option to have an infobox that randomly rotates FAQ questions? so you'd have something like ------------------------- :: FAQ 8. What's a widget do? This is the first X chars of the answer ... [click here to read the full answer] Click here for the Full FAQ -------------------------------- It'd help to suck people into reading the faq questions and answers, to entice them to educate themselves.