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  1. my fancy box recently ran into problems where the left/right and close button didn't work, so i updated to the recent add-on. For some reason it still doesn't work, any reason why it shouldn't work? This started when my elements were in front of the fancy box, so i changed the z-index of my site so that fancy box would lay on top and its still running into problems. Anyone knows why? you can view the problem here (http://www.whatisuprooted.com/product_info.php/products_id/48?osCsid=3gbrpnvtfl940n8cj77s6cm7g7) this is just an example, all the products are doing the same thing. Ive tried everything to fix the buttons on it but it still wont close or go next.
  2. i have the same problem. Anyone knows how to combine the Product_info.php and categories.php ?