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  1. Hello, excuse my bad English, I have installed AJAX Slideshow Suber Baner in the Home but when I access the home using the URL without "www" (only with "mydomain.com"), the slide does not work and I get the message "LOAD FAIL" But if I access the home using the fully domain "www.mydomain.com" works perfectly Why? How can I do to fix this error? Thanks for the reply, Nadia
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    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi Jack_mcs, many thanks!! it's perfect!! I made the change and it works perfectly! :) greetings Nadia
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    Article Manager v1.0

    Hello, i installed on the site www.deviantsilver.com (left column below) the article manager version 1.0 and let me know where i can set the number of articles to display in the left column. I would see only 5 new items in the left column. The articles are sorted by date, but now you see all... i would like to display only 5 articles! Is not admin configuration "Maximum Display Box Articles". What should I change to display only 5 articles in the left column? Thanks for the info and sorry for my bad english! :)