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  1. I think I have found my problem. The error in the error log is Call to undefined function json_decode() in /var/www/html/cb/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php on line 390 From what I can see my version of PHP is too old. Looks like we need to be version 5.2 or higher. I am runing 5.1.6
  2. I get this to install in admin...however when I go to checkout it gives me a blank screen. My orginal USPS module was: * USPSMethods 6.0 for osCommerce MS2 RC2a * os v2.2 rc2 Any ideas? I like this much better as it lets me set $$ limits to the type of service offered. My old one did not do this.
  3. rlroger

    USPS Insurance

    I have tried and tried. Several different usps.php files. I cannot get it to add insurance. I get quotes, just no insurance. The last usps.php file I used was at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/487 It appears to be the latest....and it actually worked very easily. Except I cannot get it to add for insurance! Thanks in advance for any help, I have spent hours on this!