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  1. thanks! Problem resolved :-)) Ciao, Titus.
  2. Hi all, I installed OSC 2.2 and the new STS version 1.8. Works perfectly fine as it was quite easy to understand. Now I have one question though. What is the precise procedure if you want to have new infoboxes displayed (left, center (?), right)? In the readme the indication is not clear for me. Can somebody pleeeease right a short step-by-step manual? I guess it would help some other folks around here, too.... Thanks all!!! Titus.
  3. Hi vj, I went through the forums on oscommerce.com but didn't really find an answer to my problem? I am using this version: ------------------------------------------------- Easypopulate v2.71-MS2 (with attributes) ------------------------------------------------- Last updated: November 27, 2003 Author: Vijay Immanuel aka VJ <www.vjdom.com>, based on earlier releases by various developers (for more details, see history.txt) License: GPL (please see license.txt) ------------------------------------------------- Thanks if you can find the error with the below information. Don't bother if it takes you too long, I just thought you might probably have the answer in a second or so? The problem is that I get an error when doing an import. Have a look yourself (no passwords required yet?). I emailed you this post with the real URL and everything so that nobody in the forum fusses around with my site... B) http://www.xxxxxxxxxxx.de/admin/easypopulate.php Can you figure out why I am getting this error: Filename: sample_output_file.txt 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'AND cat.parent_id = 0 AND des.categories_name = 'Buecher'' at line 6 SELECT cat.categories_id FROM categories as cat, categories_description as des WHERE cat.categories_id = des.categories_id AND des.language_id = AND cat.parent_id = 0 AND des.categories_name = 'Buecher' I did change the input locales on my computer to US format, so that the prices are displayed with the dot as a decimal seperator, not the German comma?. BTW, when re-opening the text file in Excel, everything looks just fine... Thanks vj, and keep up the great work!!! Titus.
  4. titus

    [Contribution] Image Resize v1.5

    Hi, first of all I wanted to say that your module is working great! I use it on a 2.2 version and with GD 1.8. I even got the big image issue resolved, thanks to this thread. I am facing another issue now (not really a problem or error): I would have to upload about 3000 articles via sql (phpmyadmin). This is no problem. But I want to upload the images (via FTP), too. Would the solution be, to upload all big images to the big_images folder and would the script then automatically resize the pictures for every article? I wanted to ask before trying it out... I don't really want to manually insert all articles.... :-) Thanks.. BTW, I personally believe NetPBM or ImageMagick delivers a much better quality of reduced image sizes (gallery.menalto.com). But I know that not everybody has a dedicated server bla bla... Just an idea, maybe, if you have some time and energy, to offer a Image_Resize version with support for NetPBM or ImageMagick. Anyway, thanks again for this great mod... Best regards, Titus.