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  1. AndreaGemignaniFischer

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    Hi Bill and everyone, I have a downloadable product question. I have searched overall and i guess this topic hasn't been posted yet. My add-on is working fine, I am really happy with it. I have worked a bit around that when someone pays a dowloadable product with credit card or paypal, the download link will be shown automatically. It also works great. With one exception: when i buy several different products, and among them a downloadable, it will not work like expected, the dowload link will not be shown. Is there any explanation or work around for that? Thanx in advance Andrea
  2. AndreaGemignaniFischer

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Hi guys, I am also using Super Download Controller add-on and it works fine. I have already faced small bugs, but so far, could handle all. I have read plenty of threads related to the subject, but looks like no one have the problem I am having now. Try to describe in here: If I add a downloadable product on my cart, and go on with checkout without registering, get to the checkout_succes.php page with the link for downloading, evrything fine... when I click on the link, comes a blank page and no download is done. This process is saved on sessions, cause this one client didn`t registered. Of course if I login, it works gorgeously! What I am trying to do now: If the person isn`t registered and checks out, when he is on the Login.php page, he should be forced to register himself (of course only when the product is downloadable). For this, i need to check the product_id and any attribute of it, that tells me it`s downloadable. Has anyone a clue how I could ask this? Thanx in advance for any help! Andrea
  3. AndreaGemignaniFischer

    Authorize.net AIM Credit Card Error on checkout-payment.php

    Okay, dear all, I finally got the mistake. As I am in Germany now, my testuser was registered with a german address. Our Authorize.net is configured to accept only US customers with US credit cards. And this, I wasn't aware of, cause I am kinda new on the company. :-) That's it, maybe somebody is stuck in the same deadend. Regards Andrea
  4. Hi you all, I am sure you've head this topic several time, I have spent my whole morning searching through, but I found nothing regarding this. To start, I have OS Commerce 2.3, Test Server is PHP 5.3.3 and Live Server is PHP 5.3.1. On my Live server, I have an os-commerce shop installed, with the Authorize.net AIM working greatly. On my test server, I made a redesign, but kept the whole functions untouchable. Before I go live with it, of course I have to execute many tests. Therefore I have ser the Payment module Authorize.net AIM to TEST Mode, so I get the 4 different credit cards numbers to test. That's all fine, but when I get to the checkout_payment.php page, I get the stupid error: "Credit Card Error! The first four digits of the number entered are: If that number is correct, we do not accept that type of credit card. If it is wrong, please try again." I've got out of "echoes" and "print_rs", everything works fine and the $POST variable also has full values. I have no hint of what to do anymore. Thought maybe it has something to do with the server PHP version. But seems nonsense. Does someone have an idea of what should I do??? Have a deadline coming, and I am lost. Thanx in advance friendly :blush: Andrea
  5. AndreaGemignaniFischer

    VAT Intracom Add-On

    Thanx for the quick answer, it was all I needed! :rolleyes: Just wondering, when they change this again, how do I find out before it happens, that I can adjust my software to it, before loosing some customers???
  6. AndreaGemignaniFischer

    VAT Intracom Add-On

    Hi you all! I have the VAT Intracom Add-on since november 2010 running on our shop, successfully, and for a few days it shows a blank page when trying to connect to the http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/services/checkVatService.wsdl. I get exactly an error on that when I check the LOG files. :-( Does someone have an idea why? Thanx a lot