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  1. 1 hour ago, sinopia said:

    Hi @gadlol


    Deprecated: The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in /home/xxx/public_html/includes/classes/seo_friendly_urls.php on line 380


    while ( $loop && ( ( $option = each( $children[$parent] ) ) || ( $parent > $root_id ) ) ){

    What is the best approach to replace the each? Versions from 7.0 get that warning.. Really wanted to upgrade PHP to the new version.

    Also for the alias pages is there any way to add a functionality for multilingual alias?

    Best regards

    Hi @sinopia 

    about the while loop there is not an easy way to do it with just foreach  loops and without having the need to use recursive function. However I have code it and update it so no need of each so no deprecated messages and plus the class runs faster now. Send me p.m. for more details.

    About the "Also for the alias pages is there any way to add a functionality for multilingual alias?" do you mean for example: www.mystore.com/specials.php to www.mystore.com/es/specials/ ?



  2. Hello,

    I want to inform you about the status of the addon Alternative Administration Systemhttps://apps.oscommerce.com/YfzFh&alternative-administration-system-v0-3 ).

    After a long thought I decided to stop supporting and developing the Alternative Administration System (AAS) .

    The main reason is that no money no honey. I cannot support something that does not give me back any money.

    I made a mistake when releasing the AAS version v0.3 back in 2014. I had decided to give it for free and offered the modules at a price. But it did not work.

    Although the AAS modules were very good and useful for example the Products Monitor: http://www.alternative-administration-system.com/modules/osCommerce/products_monitor or the Payment Report module: http://www.alternative-administration-system.com/modules/osCommerce/payments_report admins did not show any interest except a few...

    I would like to thank those who supported AAS by making a donation. You will find the list here: http://www.alternative-administration-system.com/donations .

    AAS will be available in github: https://github.com/gadlol/alternative-administration-system/ The dedicated website for AAS will be online until the end of July.

    Thank you all for having used and using AAS.

    LOL: After searching in Google for  "AAS Farewell" I found this video called AAS Farewell Party 2012. So I say goodbye to AAS with that:  





  3. On 6/18/2019 at 8:18 PM, Cary said:

    Looking for help with copying products to another category. I've used AAS for a while and really like it but when we copy products from one category to another it only copies over the main image. The alternate or large images aren't copied over. Anyone have experience with this or are we doing something wrong?



    Hi @Cary ,

    If it does not copy  the alternative images it is because I maybe had forgotten to implement that feature...

    I will check that and respond back as soon as possible...

  4. On 6/3/2019 at 2:43 PM, freakystreak said:

    Hi Gadiol, hope you are well.

    Been struggling to find an answer to this problem I still have logging into my admin using your fine contribution. I have double checked to see if your class, seo_friendly_urls is called and the answer is no. I'm at a loss now as to where to go from here. I can access the site admin but I said in my previous post, have to disable your add-on, log in and then re-enable your add on again. The version of PHP has changed. Could this effect anything? Is there anything specific I should look-out for in my Apache Server Configuration? Many thanks.

    Hi Richard... Can you please send me some more info such as your website url e.t.c. so to go from there... Please send them to p.m. and lets continue from there... and once we solve the problem we will post the solution here... Thank you ..

  5. 1 hour ago, freakystreak said:

    Hi gadlol,

    Been using the PRO edition of your excellent add on for over two years now without any issues on our OSC 2.3.4 website. Had a few issues setting up but thanks to your great support I got it running fine.

    This last week I have had to move the entire website from our old server to a new one. The old server ran PHP 5 and the new one is running PHP 7. I have migrated everything across and cleared any PHP 7 related issues out that cropped up. The website is working great as is your add on on the front end but when I try and enter the admin it just sends me to a custom 'page-not-found' page I set up. What I have noticed is, if I go into the database and manually set enable SEO Friendly Urls Pro to false (through the configuration entry), then the admin login appears and I can then log in. If I enable your add on the admin will continue to work until I close the browser or logout. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Really love this add on and I must commend you on supporting your work here on this forum.

    A very happy user.


    Hi Richard @freakystreak

    Thank you for your good words.

    Can you please tell me which version of oscommerce you have installed and using? This is strange, it was never mentioned to me such kind of problem...

    From what I can understand is that when you navigate for example to mystore.com/admin/ there must be a something that prevents admin backend to load because my seo class thinks that is also another page. Although it is a folder.

    So first I would make sure that the admin backend does not call seo_friendly_urls.php which is the normal thing and then I would check the apache - server configuration.

  6. Just now, ken0306 said:

    Hi there, I change my site from the Ultimate SEO URL 5 to the SEO Friendly urls, so the urls structures are totally changed. my question is how to forward my old urls to the new urls. 

    thank you

    Unfortunately there is not a tool for that. I guess you must create a php script so to make the appropriate redirects or perhaps via htaccess. I dont know about SEO URL 5 mechanism so I cannot be much of a help..

  7. 4 hours ago, ken0306 said:

    HI there,

    I just test on my site with this add on, the url looks good, but a little bit slow loading compared with the Ultimate SEO URL 5. Is that because it is the free version? 

    thank you


    Hi Ken...

    Yes that's true when having lots of products and categories because free version does not support cache. The PRO version supports caching to mysql or file or apc...



  8. Problem fixed. Its a bug when the store has ONLY ONE category.

    osCommercians who have only one category and using Seo Friendly Urls must go and comment the line 308

          //elseif($citems==1) $children[] = $items[$clang]; //in case we have one category item without subcategories, rare but possible

    In the next upcoming update this will be fixed...


    @wHiTeHaT I asked from @Stephan Gebbers to send me info in PM because I knew that I had to investigate the problem on his live website.... After the bug fix I would ( as I did ) post the solution...

    About $  - who fixes it, it's another story but it would be nice to see if there would be anyone here that could fix it... :-) 



  9. Hi @Stephan Gebbers

    By default the main language is set not to appear in the url but you can change that by altering the option "Display default language alias?"

    About the categories not being aliased there something must be happening I must check it by myself. Is it possible to send me via PM live link and more info so to check?  

    About clearing the cache: you must clear the cache only when you manually change the alias or products are made - deleted or modified their names.

  10. 2 minutes ago, janeyred said:

    Huge thanks to gadlol,, it appears I had not installed some elements correctly. Whilst the site I am working on still has issues, these would appear to be outside the scope of this addon which appears to be working exactly as it should, I can see many "happy" hours with a debugger resolving the remainder of the issues, however this contribution is not of the making.


    Thanks again to gadlol for an excellent contribution and his superb support!

    You are welcome @janeyred

  11. 3 minutes ago, janeyred said:

    Hi I've checked the install and it appears correct. Here is the htaccess file content:

    # $Id$
    # This is used with Apache WebServers
    # For this to work, you must include the parameter 'Options' to
    # the AllowOverride configuration
    # Example:
    # <Directory "/usr/local/apache/htdocs">
    #   AllowOverride Options
    # </Directory>
    # 'All' with also work. (This configuration is in the
    # apache/conf/httpd.conf file)
    # The following makes adjustments to the SSL protocol for Internet
    # Explorer browsers
    #<IfModule mod_setenvif.c>
    #  <IfDefine SSL>
    #    SetEnvIf User-Agent ".*MSIE.*" \
    #             nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown \
    #             downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0
    #  </IfDefine>
    # If Search Engine Friendly URLs do not work, try enabling the
    # following Apache configuration parameter
     AcceptPathInfo On
    # Fix certain PHP values
    # (commented out by default to prevent errors occuring on certain
    # servers)
    # php_value session.use_trans_sid 0
    # php_value register_globals 1
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    Options +FollowSymLinks
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule .* index.php [L]


    I have tried it with AccessPathInfo commented out as well,this made no difference. I can access the Admin side fully - no issues there at all but I cannot access the shop site via index.php - I get blank page at index.php. Using historical links I can reach some pages such as catalog/login.php although the actual logging in forms are not showing and so on.



    Thanks in advance :-)


    Did you changed in the index.php the   require('includes/application_top.php'); to   require_once('includes/application_top.php'); ???

  12. 58 minutes ago, janeyred said:


    Installed this as per your instructions on oscommerce 2.3.4 version which is being hosted on Linux server running php 5.6 and Apache. Admin side works fine but am getting a blank home page

    .. help!!


    blank home page can mean lots o fthings. Maybe you did something wrong during installation. Maybe this is probably the htaccess file. Does your server produce any error logs (apache error logs)?

    Are all the pages blank or the homepage only?

    Can you give me the url so to check it?


  13. Thanks a lot for your answer @@gadlol. I did what you mentionned but it's still the same.. 500 internal server error.


    Maybe the problem is different ? I installed several addons like the modular product info page, and in product_info.php I already had  require_once 'includes/application_top.php';


    Hmmmm, i dont know about that.... Maybe there are conflictions between addons....

  14. Hello @@gadlol


    Thank you for this great addon. I'm trying to make it work in my new EDGE version but I have an "Internal Server Error".


    In application_top.php I replaced FILENAME_SHOPPING_CART with 'shopping_cart.php' , and DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'seo_friendly_urls.php' with 'includes/classes/seo_friendly_urls.php', but it's still the same.


    I think I have to change the code in .htaccess and change REQUEST_FILENAME but what do I have to put instead ?


    Thanks a lot.


    Hi @@aurelou ....


    You may edit the seo_friendly_urls.php class and try to  change all the $HTTP_GET_VARS to $_GET and find all the FILENAME_ defines and replace them with the file. In example: FILENAME_DEFAULT => 'index.php'

  15. My database became corrupted and I had to reconstruct. Many of the SEO Friendly fields in the database disappeared. So, I figured I could just use the uninstall SEO Friendly URLs option that was still in the admin. Did the trick - all SEO Friendly URL database entries gone. I then could not figure out how to reinstall your plugin once uninstalled. Oops! Any advice before I pull any remaining hair?


    In order for the SEO FRIENDLY URLS to be uninstalled you must use the uninstall option then go to the front store so that option - action run. Then If you refresh the page the SEO FRIENDLY URLS will auto install again. But I dont know what will happen if some of the configurations is corrupted. In general I would suggest to go to the configuration table and remove all the keys that start with SEO_FRIENDLY_URLS_ and then go to the front store and seo frendly urls will auto install....

  16. Hi, having a little difficulty in getting my not found urls to go where I want them. Ok, in the admin I have set the not found url method to equal '404 include page' and set the page for any 404 errors toa custom page. When I try and use this I just get a blank page. I've tried resetting the alias cache file but it's not working. Previously any unfound page went to the index.php page but I'm getting complaints from Google that I'm not using a 404 status code hence the change I'm trying to carry out. Any ideas?


    Hi Richard.


    404 not found is not an easy task, at least in oscommerce.

    So in order not to have that white page, create an 404.php page but without oscommerce code and then go to admin and edit the option Handle not found urls as 404 include page? (404 status code) set to 404.php and then you will get the 404.php displayed.


    Unfortunately there is not an easy way to make an oscommerce page as a 404 not found. In the next version I ll try to implement that. But for now the solution is to create a custom 404 page... 

  17. Hi 


    This is a great contribution and it works really well. Does the PRO version support the product_reviews.php page?


    Currently I have ""http://www.yoursite.com/reviews/product-name"






    Hi Kenny,


    Unfortunately  in current version there is no ability to get what you want. Instead you can do: http://yoursite.com/review?products_id=19

    I did not foresee that need and thats why I did not code it. But if you want I can code it for you.

  18. Hi,


    Your seo url doesn´t suport conversions like Ç - C (Latin Caractere)?

    Congratulations, nice addon




    Hello Marcelo,


    it actually does support conversions like that.

    In current version those conversions are hard coded and applied only when you set auto create alias to true (default) and "Transliterate characters to ASCII" to true (default)


    For example:


    here are the transliterations for Turkish and Ukrainian languages:

            // Turkish
            'Ş' => 'S', 'İ' => 'I', 'Ç' => 'C', 'Ü' => 'U', 'Ö' => 'O', 'Ğ' => 'G',
            'ş' => 's', 'ı' => 'i', 'ç' => 'c', 'ü' => 'u', 'ö' => 'o', 'ğ' => 'g',
            // Ukrainian
            'Є' => 'Ye', 'І' => 'I', 'Ї' => 'Yi', 'Ґ' => 'G',
            'є' => 'ye', 'і' => 'i', 'ї' => 'yi', 'ґ' => 'g',

    Those can be found in the function create_alias line 762



    In the next version there will be an option to load transliterations from txt file or db so you can easily alter those...

  19. cool thanks.

    is it ok to use your plugin alongside the Header Tags SEO plugin by Jackmcs?


    and whats the main features with your plugin that can be done compared with the more older plugins that were doing SEO URL's?


    i read that the older plugins are just too messed up to work on Bootstrap edge oscommerce?



    I dont know if its ok to use along with the Header Tags SEO plugin because I have not test it with that. You can do so and tell me. In general I dont think that it will be a problem.


    "i read that the older plugins are just too messed up to work on Bootstrap edge oscommerce?" Thats why I created that addon. My addon is very simple to install, only one file in the classes folder (seo_friendly_urls.php), and a few minor changes into 2 other files.


    For main features e.t.c. check this page. Make sure you check the options table at the bottom.

  20. Hi John!

    Well, first of all congratulations for your work. It's really, really great. I love it! Now, working with products/categories are much easier and faster.

    I have some troubles, minor ones in anyway.

    I use 2.3.4 BS Gold, with some addons insalled. Well, in fact a lot of them...  :D 

    The most annoying is that I can't check on categories. And also, if I check to select all, it selects products, but not categories. I've tested it both in local and on my webserver.


    My other two problems (I can live with them..) are:

    · When exporting, it adds strange characters whith spanish letters or accents. I.e. "A Büg's Lifé eñe" appears as "A Büg's Lifé eñe". It happens when exports to CSV or Excel, but not if I export it to text...

    · In settings, I can't have access to the sixth option that I see in your demo video. It seems that iti is neede for controlling admins, etc.


    Again, thanks for your work!!!


    Hi Agustin,


    thank you for your kind words.


    In the current Version of AAS there is no way to select categories and thats because there is not a need to check categories since there are not actually things to mass change  in a category.

    If osc had categories status then it could be useful. But in the next version I will add support for categories selection just in case someone has installed categories status addon or categories seo description e.t.c.


    About exporting: I ' ll have to double check that... (Although I am currently developing an AAS module that will do a better thing than the AAS core export mechanism)


    About settings: The sixth option is only available for admin with id = 1. I coded like that because I want one admin to be the Master =, and so only him to have the ability to control what other admins can see - do with AAS. So in order to temporary fix that you can edit the administrations table and change the id to 1. (Note its a bit safe although its a primary key and thats because it is not connected with any other table.) In next version - update I will make the option visible only to the first admin found in the table administrators 



    P.S. In a few days I will introduce a new page in the AAS website that will have the so far translated AAS files ( Spanish and Greek )