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  1. Would you be interested in creating an API for osCommerce?

    1. gadlol



      Imagine having all the sql queries somewhere centralized and having a system to fetch us the data. For example: in the specials.php I would need no more to have a tep_db_query just

      $listing = $osc_api->specials(); 

      And now $listing has the data in array so to be used in the specials.php.

      Another useful thing about osc API is that you can make your website data available outside of your osc installation and so it would be easy to create mobile applications e.t.c. For example:


      will produce a json specials in json format..


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  2. Congratulations Lambros!! You go the extra mile when helping others. Well deserved MOTM.

  3. Member of the Month??? I'm sure there are others more deserving :o