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  1. TBL v0.2 is still under developement... Have a look at the screenshot. Hope you like the new UI interface!
  2. Yes you will be able to display lots of products even more than 100 and of course all of them. The search system is redisigned, you can search on a specific field or in all of them (well on those that are searchable!). I am even thinking of making a mechanism for mass discounts. F.e. you will be able to check a little checkbox on the left of each table row and select a discount (10% for example) and den apply that to all selected prices! Is this feature needed? Well the checkboxes on each product will also give other possibilites such as mass change of products statuses e.t.c.
  3. Hi EchoGuns, yes you are right. You must include the new field to the db query... Well, i am not very satisfied with the code because right now i am using lots of variables for the different fields. So i am try to build it to be more flexible and less code. I tried to keep it as dry as possible. I have to reconsider the use of variables, session variables e.t.c. Right now the tbl.php file is about 34.1 KB, i ll try to reduce it more. Maybe i will even remove the php comments - credits - changelog in the top of the tbl.php code First thing i will remove is the jquery datatables, which has a pagination bug (when using it with jeditable), i cannot solve it, (when you are on second page and edit something it goes on first page and not in second). So i will make a real pagination with php and not leave it to javascript because when a category has many products it takes lots of time to load all of them. One second thing is that i will remove the onstock not on stock double key and use images instead because when you have many products it takes some time for jquery ui to create the nice loooking button elements... I am also thinking of using a cache file system, simple cache though, file based. What do you think of it? Update... I forgot to mention that i will remove the lots of tables in favor of divs.
  4. Hello Clint. In order to modified it to accept more fields its easy. Although you must know php. You must also know how this field will be presented. It will be a select menu or simple text. Lets see how we are going to do this: Open for editing the catalog/admin/tbl.php 1: enter the field name on the array $columns line 118. f.e. 'products_cost' 2: add inside the switch($john) on line 146: case 'products_cost': $bool_products_cost=true; break; 3: add inside the switch($john) on line 167: case 'products_cost': $bool_products_cost=false; break; 4: add on line 191: $bool_products_cost=false; 5: add on line 210: $_SESSION['products_cost']=$bool_products_cost 6: on line 230 add $bool_products_cost=$_SESSION['products_cost'] 7: add inside the $show_always array(line 281): 'products_cost'=>true; 8:on line 307 add if($show_always[0]['products_cost']) $bool_products_cost=true; 9:on line 332 add: case 'products_cost': $show_bool=$bool_products_cost; $show_text=TBL_HEADING_COST; break; NOTE: TBL_HEADING_COST does not exist and you must add it on the tbl.php which is located on the includes/languages/english folder. 10: on 359 add: $show_product[] = array('show'=>$bool_products_cost, 'fieldName'=>'products_cost', 'theadText'=>TBL_HEADING_COST); Thats it. If the cost is simple text then you must click on it and edit it via ajax it will ok. If it is a select menu you must goi and add a case a=on the big switch switch($value['fieldName']){ Check the case'tax_class_title': case. Finally you must edit the tbl_ajax.php and add a case f.e. : case 'products_cost': //product cost if(tep_not_null($product_id_post)){ if(tep_not_null($value_post)){ if(is_numeric($value_post)){ $sql_data_array = array('products_cost' => (float)tep_db_prepare_input($value_post),'products_last_modified' => 'now()'); if(tep_db_perform(TABLE_PRODUCTS, $sql_data_array, 'update', "products_id = '" . (int)$product_id_post . "'")) echo stripslashes($value_post); }else echo TBL_ERROR_NONUMERIC_VALUE; }else echo TBL_ERROR_EMPTY_VALUE; } break; Hope this helps! In next vesrion i will make it more simple (you will have just to enter the filed name and everything will be automatically set up) Regards John
  5. Dear hoprick I dont know whats the problem exactly. You can send me screenshots to check them, out. Please check also the console for errors. Please contact me on my skype account, so we can solve the problems together. You can find my skype account on my profile! Regards John
  6. Dear Rick, If you want to have individual stock/quantity amounts you must alter the core functionality of oscommerce. My addon cannot handle individual stock/quantity amounts because this functionality does not exist in oscommerce. So as i can imagine you must create a new table in db, (products_new_table_id, products_stock, products_quantity, products_size, products_id). Then you must make a page where you can setup this (this can be made on my addon) but the main fact is that you have to setup this in products_info page. When a user selects a size then (maybe with ajax) alter the prize and quantity. e.t.c. Sorry for not answering sooner! Regards John
  7. Thanx a lot Sara... Looking forward for any bug - error reports Regards John
  8. Yes you can change it easily. Just find the dialogs.js which is located in the ext/tbl/js folder and add after the 72 line language: 'en', its where ckeditor does the magic... So you gonna have Something like this: $('#description_editor').val(resp); CKEDITOR.replace( 'description_editor',{ language: 'en', NO, im sorry, you cannot add new products through this addon. In the next release this option will be added. I will also add a new cool attributes manager page (tbl_attributes.php) which you can easily create and edit atributes with. Its under development.. regards John
  9. Hi Liz.... In order for this to work you must edit 457 line of the tbl.php and change according to your store path. //Used by iframe when previewing editing product description //Change according your site. Exmp: 'http://www.mywebstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=' var product_info_path='http://localhost/osc2/catalog/product_info.php?products_id='; I will change it in the final release, so this product_info_path variable will be auto generated... Thanx a lot Liz... regards John
  10. Yes I have tested it on 2.3.3 and worked fine. Can you reply me any bugs - errors you have found? What is not working properly? John
  11. I haven't see any responce yet. Has anyone tested the 0.2 version?
  12. Hello, after a long wait.. I finally have managed to release a beta version 0.2 of my addon. You can download it from here: tbl Installation instructions are included in the zip file. You can also view a small showcase video on youtube (better view on fullscreen hd): So I need your help. Please report any bugs you may find by replying to this forum post or by sending me a message to contact [at] jbaron.gr Although this is a beta version, it is close to final. Its fully working. I want to thank you in advance for using my addon... John Barounis (note: I have not submited it, on addons page yet, just waiting for any bug - error reports e.t.c.)
  13. gadlol

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi, is it possible not to have the product id on the links? Example: http://www.domain.com/blabla-bla-blabla-p-273.html to http://www.domain.com/blabla-bla-blabla.html ???????? Thanks for reading....
  14. gadlol

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi my friend yes its working now, i created a greek character conversion file.... Do you want me to send it to you, to include it in next version. I am currently using Ultimate_Seo_Urls_5_PRO_r205 for 2.3.1 Did I thank you for this awesome contribution???
  15. gadlol

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Please help, This is what i get if a category or products has greek characters if i copy the link and paste it somewhere get something like this /product_info.php/%C3%8E%C2%92%C3%8E%C2%95%C3%8E%C2%A1%C3%8E%C2%95%C3%8E%C2%A3/braxioli1/sadadsad-p-29 and general i get this error message from browser net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS if not greek characters-words works fine... Please help if you can....