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  1. Hi Evgeni. The new version relies on different files. For example. old version uses tbl.php and new aas.php So you dont have to remove old version. You can have both. But I strongly recommend the use of the new version 0.2 instead of the old one. Regards!
  2. Alternative Administration System version: 0.2 just released. You can download it from http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8940 I have spend lots of my free time to develop it. Thank you for using my addon.
  3. New feature: Change Product's Image Have a look at the attached image: You can easily change the product's image via drag & drop and select where to save that image. All that via ajax, you just drag & drop and magically the image changes asap. Do you want the feature to delete existing image after successfully uploading the new one?
  4. Γειa σου πaτριώτη... The tbl_ajax.php is included in the ext/tbl/ so no need to be added in the catalog/admin. Can I have some more info about quantity/stock with the attributes?
  5. Hi again. In the previous screenshot in the Products Attributes dialog you can see in the column Option Value a select box which contains all the option values. I know its not handy to display all the option values since you have selected an Option Name. It should only display those that are "assigned" to it. For example when you select option name Size then it should display only the size option values. Which in your case are: 100 / 190 cm 100 / 200 cm e.t.c. Well since I love programming and since you are going to make at least one donation :) I just implemented a feature where you click on a toggle button and magically via ajax all the option values are narrowed down to those that are assigned to selected option name. And of course, if you press that button again, all the option values get appeared. For example if you press that toggle button which is found next of the dropdown select box and in the option name select box is selected the "Size" then the Option Values select box data will change to those assigned to. Have a look at the attached screenshot: I think this is a very powerful feature mostly for those who have lots of option values and option names. Osc by default cannot do that. It just displays all the option values. So another great feature has been added. As for the sort by method, yes I can make them be sorted by price. Right now I sort them by option_id and not option_name as it was by default. I will make it sort them by option id and option price or maybe I will enter an option to select sort method.
  6. New amazing feature for A.A.S. that does not exist in osc by default. Discount - mass Edit product's attributes option prices. Imagine having a product with many attributes and you want to lower the option prices by 5%. You just enter 5 select -% and press apply and all option prices will be lowered by 5%. Cool!!!! Wait there is more. You can alter the option prices in specific option names. For example: a product has the above attributes option names: Size Color Model well, if you want you can alter the prices of a specific option names in our example lets say the Color. And of course you can alter the prices as you want (lower by percentage, make all prices the same amount, add amount, add percentage, sub amount) Check the screenshots: You have to thank Evgeni for requesting this feature.
  7. So it would be nice to mass alter all the attributes prices or the attributes of a specific option name. For example, make a discount on a mattresses' sizes option name attribute only. Not to color for example... Xmm, that would be nice and I think it would be a good add in the A.A.S.
  8. Hello Evgeni and thank you. If I understood well, you need a way to mass alter the attributes prices just like the way you do it with the net and gross prices. Am I right?
  9. Yes multilingual support and the window is wider (it covers 90% of your screen). No I dont speak German. I just added that language to make some tests. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some latest news about A.A.S. development: I have implemented it in a such way, that you can now add links to directly open the A.A.S. plugins. For example you may want to have a link to open directly the Calendar plugin. So the link will be catalog/admin/aas.php#calendar For Specials Manager catalog/admin/aas.php#specials_manager You dont have to worry about that links. I have implemented those in a file, which you will put it in the catalog/admin/includes/boxes/ and they will be automatically created as a new menu in the column left accordion menu. Have a look at the screenshot to see for your self: Everything is almost ready, what's left, is to make a video to explain - show the A.A.S. in action. Thank you for staying tuned.
  10. Hello Arjan. I will create Product Specifications for AAS later (as a plugin for AAS) because it needs lots of coding and testing so everything will work fine. Have a look at the way you can edit, via ajax always, a product's description in the upcoming 0.2 version:
  11. Hello Lambro (Lambros is a Greek name, are you Greek?). Yes I know the existence of that bug. It has already been fixed in version 0.2. (that bug happened because I forgot to change some mysql to tep_db_query) So, wherever you see mysql_query replace with tep_db_query and mysql_num_rows with tep_db_num_rows and mysql_fetch_array with tep_db_fetch_array But I strongly recommend waiting for the new version. Which is far far far better.... Yes Gross price in version 0.2 is editable. (You can edit single product's gross price or multiple products' gross prices)
  12. LATEST NEWS ABOUT THE AAS: The Alternative Administration System: Categories/Products is renamed to Alternative Administration System. Almost all the features of version 0.1 have been improved. Product's editing description method has been changed dramatically. Now you can edit in other languages easily by clicking on the languages flag icon (for example: imagine editing a product in 4 languages, you make the changes in the text for every language and then you press a button to preview the changes and then another button to submit all the changes). Gross price is also editable as requested. The discount edit product prices drop down menu now includes the "=" for pricing selected products at the same price as requested New things: ajax Temp list where you can "save" products from different categories so you can use other functionalities to them such as copy attributes ajax Copy, Move or Link products ajax copy or delete attributes from a product to selected products or to products the are under a category and/or subcategories ajax product's changes file import (export products data in a file and edit them using your favorite editor then upload and apply changes) ajax Attributes Manager. ajax Online Users Viewer (via charts => highCharts), + online users per country. ajax Calendar, keeping - adding events, notes ajax Worldwide Clocks ajax Specials Manager, yes you read it right. Now you can easily edit-add specials products! ajax All Edit method. You can edit all values easily without clicking in every cell. The whole code has been "dramatically" improved. I am coding AAS in such a way so you can easily install it, making as less as possible changes in the osc core files. Please wait a few more days for the next release! Note: I dont own a website running oscommerce cms, so I dont know exactly what your needs are. So if you need something special to develop and to be included in the AAS reply here.
  13. Hello Tom. Thank you a lot! I have implemented the "=" for multiple prices edit as you request it. Fixed the ax missing .png. (thank you for noticing that) As for "Insert a link to the left column." you are right, although in the new upcoming version this is changed! Please stay tuned as the new version is on the way including your request and bug fixes.
  14. Hello. New version will be delayed a couple of days because I have implemented two new awesome features and I want to fully test them: Worldwide Clocks: you can see the current time at any city you like. You can setup as many as you want. This is helpful when you want to contact a customer, and you want to know the time in his city. Calendar: a full calendar where you can save, edit, delete events. Events can be set up daily, weekly, monthly or hourly. For example: you may need to contact a customer at 11:30 tomorrow morning. Please check the screenshots:
  15. Hello... Sorry for the delay of the version 0.2, but I'm very busy trying to make a living. I develop AAS on my free time which is not enough... Anyway I will upload the new version later today or tomorrow and I hope some of you who will like and use it , to make a donation. Thank you.
  16. With 0.2 version you ll have the ability, among others to: Copy attributes from a product to another product Copy attributes from a product to other selected products Copy attributes from a product to all products in a category (recursively or not) Delete attributes from selected products Delete attributes from products in a category (recursively or not) Editing attributes can be done manually per product. (Maybe I'll find a nice way to mass edit attributes)
  17. New awesome feature (for the upcoming version 0.2) that does not exist in default admin panel: Edit multiple products data at once. You press a button and all shown fields that are editable become ready for your input. Imagine having an excel sheet where you can edit every cell. Something like that. Have a look at the screenshot bellow: Waiting for your comments.
  18. Please have a look at the two attached images. Thanks to highcharts.com and my coding passion i have created an online users viewer. I included in AAS although it can stand as a separate addon. In second screenshot you can also see from which countries are the online users, by using the ip and ip2country. Do you want that feature to be included in the new upcoming version 0.2 ? And a general question: Would you ever pay for such an addon (Alternative Administration System) ?
  19. Hi TheAqurian, yes it is fully compatible with osc May you have done something wrong with the installation. If you need help, find my skype id on my profile and contact me. Thank you.
  20. Yes the price including tax is not a database entry. Right now you can only edit the net price. Since you requested it, i will make it possible to change the gross price. I have a question: Net price is the original without taxes and gross the final with taxes. Am I right?
  21. In previous post i mentioned the new things that are on the way. Such as copy,move,link products, copy or delete products attributes e.t.c. Well, here are two new things not mentioned before: A ) embedded Attributes Manager. Now you can forget the default oscommerce Attributes page and use the new AAS: Attributes Manager (which is for now embedded in AAS: Categories/Products) Why use it? Because you can easily and quickly add, delete,edit options names and values via ajax. I have also implemented something thats missing from default products attributes page. Thats the feature to delete attributes values and names that are already assigned to products. By default osc does not allow you to delete, providing a message that is not safe to delete if any attribute is assigned to product or products. (I do not know if that feature will be useful for someone) B ) import method. You can edit a csv or txt file (that has already been exported via export method) with your favorite editor and then upload it easily via drag & drop. After drag & drop you can preview the changes and then apply if wanted. Have a look at the attached screenshots: On the first image you can see Attributes Manager. I edit an option value. On the second one you can see on the left side a small panel in where you can save products from different categories in a temp list. And yes you can export those products, edit them with excel for example and use the import method to apply changes. On the third one, you can see on the bottom of the page a new panel. Including the way to move, copy, link products and copy or delete attributes
  22. Hi Fyod.. The háčky čárky řepa" submitted correctly, i did not have any problems with encoding. Maybe it has something to do with the your database being set to utf8_czech_ci, i will check it in a fresh instal of oscmax with utf8_czech_ci and i tell you.. As for your last question " Is it possible to add extras? Oscmax had product fields like 'products_short' and I will have my own 'product_youtube' field." the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES and again YES. That's the power of AAS. Well it does not recognize by itself the extra fields, so you have to edit the config.php file and add those fields in the associative array. You will find instructions in the config.php file. If the field is simple, which means you just want to click and edit lets say the product_youtube then you just enter the apporpriate product_youtube data in the associative array. If the field is special (not usally) like a drop down menu then you have to edit the tbl.php and the tbl_ajax.php which stores the values to db. Your question generated me an idea to auto recognize the extra fields on products table and enabled them by default. That would be awesomely easy for non developers.
  23. Hello Dave. Yes i have already implemented the ability to copy attributes from a product to selected products and to all products under a category. Well, this feature is awesome i know, but i wanted it to be more awesome, so you will be able to enter any product in a temp products list and then copy attributes from a product to that temp products list. That means that you can "save" products from different categories to that list and then apply the attributes. You will also be able to copy, move, link products from selected products to a category. In general the new things are: Temp Products List (in where you can enter products from different categories). You can export those products! Edit attributes and description and view data of that products Copy attributes from a product to selected products or to selected products that are in the temp products list or to all products under a category. There are 3 options to perform that copy: 1: delete existing attributes before applying the new ones, 2: allow duplicate values 3: disallow duplicate values Delete attributes from selected products or from selected products that are in the temp products list or from a category. (Performing actions in categories it is recursive, which means that if you select lets say the TOP category then all the attributes will be deleted or copied to all the products) Copy, move, link multiple products from selected products to other categories. New and easy way to edit product's description. Product previews are enabled by default. Now you can edit description in many possible languages. Without changing the default language. And all that actions are performed easily via ajax as always. I have improved - cleaned code and fixed some bugs. In a couple of days I will upload the new version. My addon does not yet has the possibility to add option values, option values price e.t.c. That will be in the new addon I am planning, the Alternative Administration System: Attributes Manager
  24. Hello Fyod. Can you please send me a sentence with special chars that you want to submit? Just to test it and fixed it... Thank you.