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  1. No. Its more complicated to be done via ajax because of the images and extra images upload... That feature will be developed in a future version. When I have more time.
  2. In a couple of days I will upload the A.A.S. version 0.2.1. New things: Downloadable content management for attributes (its an amazing feature that will be used from those who use virtual products) It is only enabled when you change to true the enable download config variable from the configuration panel / Download Categories Breadcrumb: a quick way to navigate through categories. Once you use it, you'll use it forever. Improvements: Several Bug fixes causing php warnings and notices appear when you have set error reporting in php to show all Improved code (less queries, faster code, more processing dialogs) Fixed - added translations. You can now disable the "donations" and "contact me" panels, those are good news for developers who want to install AAS to their clients. Colorized the background of each category row with a soft yellow color so you can distinguish it from products' rows. By copying attributes, their attributes downloads are now also copied, if any.. By coping products, their attributes downloads are now also copied, if any. By deleting attributes, their attributes downloads are now deleted, if any Those who have already installed the version 0.2 they will only have to to replace the catalog/admin/aas.php and the folder catalog/admin/ext/aas . Those who have made some custom changes, they must reapply them or contact me to do it together if need help. MESSAGE TO OSC TEAM: You have forgotten to implement the products attributes download deletion when you delete a product. Look at the catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php in line 957 function tep_remove_product($product_id) there is not a query to delete from TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES_DOWNLOAD But in the catalog/admin/products_attributes.php you have a code that deletes from TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES_DOWNLOAD in line 146
  3. Yes, all the clocks are in 24 hour format. Can you please contact me through skype so we can figure out about "Who's Online" ajax fail error? "Subcategory Images are not being displayed". Where exactly? Note AAS for the moment can handle only the main image. Not extra images...
  4. New feature, which I think is very useful. I did not like the way you navigate in categories and of course with 0.2v you cannot easily understand, what category you are located in. So have a look at the attached image bellow: As you can see: There is a top breadcrumb. You can click on a Category name and go directly to that category. By clicking on >> , a tooltip appears containing all the top level subcategories of the category where the >> is associated with. Of course you can navigate to any of those subcategories by clicking on their name. In the tooltip you see that category "Action" is in red color thats because we are currently located in the "Action" category. At the end of the breadcrumb you can see >>, thats because there is a subcategory Action2. If there was not a subcategory then the last >> will not appear. If you have any suggestions please tell me. Message to osc forum admin: I need my attachments file size space bigger because right now I delete older attachments in order to upload new ones and dont want that. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. About the Header Tags SEO RELOADED I wanted to write Its not impossible or better its possible and can be done. Lol i did not notice that mistake... As written above: So it will be done. :) You see, the problem with the extra addons is that since they are not included in the osc I have to download and test them. That consumes time. If only they (most wanted) where included... Imagine a day where the whole admin panel will have been recoded to AAS style. Wow I cannot imagine how much work it needs for that.
  6. As I can see Header Tags SEO RELOADED needs some sql changes... It adds some new fields: i.e.: ALTER TABLE `products_description` ADD `products_seo_title` VARCHAR( 128 ) NULL, ADD `products_seo_description` TEXT NULL, ADD `products_seo_keywords` VARCHAR( 128 ) NULL, ADD `products_mini_description` TEXT NULL; Si I imagine a new config variable $defaults['enableHeaderTagsSeoReloaded']=false; Then if you change to true in the config.php file the: products_seo_title products_seo_description products_seo_keywords products_mini_description must be added to the right "fields" panel so when you enable them you ll be able to edit those fields. Can be easily done for products_seo_title but fro descriptions needs tweaking in order to use the editors (ckeditor or tinymce) Its not possible, can be done. To answer to your other questions-requests: CCGV integration :: probably at 0.3v Super Downloads 2.3 :: probably at 0.3v Edit the contents of the Terms and Conditions. :: Is there a way now to edit the contents via default admin panel? Banner Manager within AAS. (This is probably most important as it is a standard feature of OSC) :: Can be done yes... Expected Products Management. :: I can build a new popup panel just like the specials manager. With the ability to be able to change directly the date so you don have to go to the products edit page. Integrated Order Editor (Not as important as the banner manager) :: I will be an order manager inside AAS. So you can do the same things as the orders.php but with ajax quickly e.t.c. NOTE: As AAS goes bigger i do not think its good idea to bundle all different things into the main aas.php. So I think, for example: the orders manager to be in a separated file aas-orders.php This has some drawbacks: First you need to add a new file at catalog/admin/ the aas-orders.php Secondly you have to add a new exception in the application_top.php if ($redirect == true) { if($current_page==FILENAME_AAS) $sessionTimeout=true; else tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_LOGIN, (isset($redirect_origin['auth_user']) ? 'action=process' : ''))); } later willl be if ($redirect == true) { if($current_page==FILENAME_AAS || $current_page==FILENAME_AAS_ORDERS) $sessionTimeout=true; else tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_LOGIN, (isset($redirect_origin['auth_user']) ? 'action=process' : ''))); } Please, tell me your thoughts....
  7. Hello. No it will not load the AAS as the initial admin screen. Because its not build that way, although can be done, perhaps in another version. You can make the columns to stay always across all users. You just have to edit ext/aas/config.php. In line 165 you'll find all the fields. There you can change the default settings for each column - field. /* WHERE THE MAGIC BEGINS You can add more rows if are present on products table 'products_image'=>array('visible'=>false,'sortable'=>false,'cellEditable'=>false,'theadText'=>AAS_HEADING_PRODUCTS_IMAGE), {visible}: set true to display always {lockVisibility}: when true user cannot change status visibility set by {visible} (Visibility status can be changed on the fly by the right hidden Panel) {sortable}: makes the table column sortable {apply only to alphanumeric values such as Price , weight. On image does not work } {cellEditable}: means that when you click on a table cell it adds an input so you can change the value, just like the price and weight. {exportable}: whether the field will be exported to csv, json e.t.c. {theadText}: its the table field name (translations are located inside languages folder in tbl.php) Tips: Set {visible}:true and {lockVisibility}:true to always display field (user cannot hide the field) Set {visible}:false and {lockVisibility}:true to always not display field (user cannot display the field) Set {visible}:false and {lockVisibility}:false to let user decide if want to display the field, which is not visible by default Set {visible}:true and {lockVisibility}:false to let user decide if want to display the field, which is visible by default */ I ll answer you other questions soon...
  8. It displays all files no matter the extension. It displays all files under downloads folder and under it's subfolders. When a subfolder occurs then a small margin left is applied so you can understand that its a subfolder, although you can see the path. When you type something in the search box then the list gets narrowed down to those found filenames. So you may have: 1500 mp3 files (in download/mp3) 3200 posters files (in download/posters) 500 pdf files (in download/pdf) You dont have to search for the file name by scrolling down. You can easily do it by writing in the search box. If you type the word posters then it displays only the 3200 posters and hides all other. If you keep typing: posters/john it will show only the files or subfolders that their name begins with the letters "john" under the posters folder or of course you can directly type the filename and it will come up. I think that way is far quickier than going up a directory or back to parent.
  9. Ray have a look at the attached images: Is this what you want?
  10. Install Super Downloads 2.3 and when I find the time i will see what i can do about bundling multiple products in a single product.
  11. My main goal is to make AAS in such a way that it accepts addons-plugins. Thats why you can see the plugins folder under ext/aas/ Hopefully it will be fully build that way in 0.3 version. After that it will be easy to add new plugins such as a discount coupon mechanism. I ll have a look at Super Downloads 2.3... Thank you.
  12. Sorry for drag and drop, its a bad idea. The best thing, would be a popup dialog which displays all the files from downloads folder in a list. Then you will be able to select a filename and press a button and apply that to the input field. I ll add the ability to search in that list via javascript in case its a big list. I am thinking of something like, when you are trying to change the image in AAS it displays possible folders to upload the product image. Are the downloadable files only under the folder downloads or they can be under subfolders? My website does not have a roadmap yet. I have some things in mind I want to implement and be included in version 0.3, and of course I can build your requests. For example a user requested product specifications to AAS. You requested discount coupons. I'll gather all your requests and implement as many as possible of them.
  13. Hello Ray. Sorry for not answering sooner on your question. You see i am extremely busy right now. I wish I knew about downloadable content management for attributes sooner. I would have implemented it. So, as i have understand you need on the popup attributes dialog some new fields on each row: Filename Expiry Days Maximum download count As for the filename i have in mind a dragndrop system where you drag n drop a file lets say an mp3 and the file name is added automatically in the field upon drop. Or maybe use a file selector. As far as, your request for a discount coupon system, i have to say that it would be great. but since lack of time it will be implemented in the next major version 0.3 and it will probably be free for everyone. The downloadable content management will also be free since its something that it should have come along with AAS 0.2 I cannot guarantee that the downloadable content management for attributes will be ready tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or in a week or in a month because of lack of my free time. So to summarize: before version 0.3 there will be a version 0.2.1 which will include the downloadable content management for attributes, some bug fixes, better translation and more languages. I wish I had more time. Thank you. : :
  14. Hello Ray. Thank you! "Taking any special requests?" of course Yes in the future there will be product creation and probably a downloadable content management for attributes.
  15. Hello Joe. Please find my skype_id from my osc forum profile and contact me so we can figure it out. Perhaps you have done something wrong with the configuration options...
  16. Hello Lambro. That bug has been fixed. Please download the the bug fixes zip from http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8940 You ' ll just have to replace a couple of files and thats it. Or you can download the full package from www.alternative-administration-system.com which also contains this bug fixed. Thank you.
  17. Hello Danielle... Try to replace in your browsers admin section the index.php to aas.php and press enter. For example: from: http://www.mydomain.com/catalog/admin/index.php to: http://www.mydomain.com/catalog/admin/aas.php If that dont work please find my skype_id from my profile page in osc forum here and contact me.
  18. Hello Evgeni. In the current version (0.2) you cannot add a new product. Only move or copy or link existing products to a category.
  19. Hello Hermann. I have not test A.A.S. with windows 8.1 A.A.S. makes use of browsers local storage for saving the width of left and right panels and height of bottom panel. That is because I made them resizable, so you can click on the edge and resize. SO perhaps it has stored a low width value. Can you please try resize panels instead of clicking the icons that open the panels? If the above not works clear your browser's local storage. And if again the above does not work, find my skype_id from my profile here in osc forum and call me to see what we can do about it.
  20. Hello Kenneth. First of all my addon does not change the default osc "features" it just enhances some and adds some new, such as copying attributes form a product to all products under a category and/or subcategories. You say "in oscommerce it usually wont list the proper order of sizes" that means that you have to somehow alter the products_info attributes queries so you can have the desired result. I installed in my locally store small, medium, large, extra large and 2 extra large sizes and worked fine on me. If you need any help please find my skype_id from my profile here in osc forum and we can see what we can do about it. I made A.A.S. so it is easy for non code familiar users to install it. You just have to upload some files and edit 2 osc files. Again if you need help just tell me. My addon will not change or mess up what work you have done. Thats because it has its own page, the only things it requires from the osc admin is the application_top.php
  21. Hello vourlismene eptanhsie Kerkyraie (to Vourlismenos emeis oi eptanhsioi to leme, egw apo Zakyntho) Forget about tbl.php and tbl_ajax.php that's the old version of A.A.S. , in the new one there's only one main file ( aas.php ) that needs to be added to filenames.php As for the stock quantity it will be hopefully added in the 0.3 version.
  22. I just test it with Firefox 25 (linux mint) and worked fine.
  23. Alternative Administration System v0.2 released.