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  1. I think equal rows : will make each row height according to the product that has the max height (plus all other products have same height with max). Yeah sounds good but I prefer the columns organized solution If you style them properly design looks like good. Check for example how it looks in RACF https://www.rentacyberfriend.com/gigs I have used the same technic.
  2. Hi Gergely, "its look like good at first but I have some lack. The minimal border design not drive my eyes on products. Conventional hand writing when studied in the school give us a rule to get informations quickly from rows. We lost it by this way. So I think that would be better to display instead more caracteristic bordered patches (divs)." I actually do not understand what you say here. I do not think organizing products from top to bottom is handy and friendly because imagine if we have many products then we have to scroll down to find next products when having sorted them. p1 p4 p7 p2 p5 p8 p3 p6 p9 If for example we list products using an alphanumeic sort then we want: a b c d e f g h i and not a d g b e h c f i because users will scroll down to find a products that will normally be in their view if we used the left to right listing
  3. Hello again guys. @@Hotclutch @@wHiTeHaT @@acidvertigo @@vampirehunter @@giulmas @@greasemonkey @@Dan Cole @@clustersolutions @@Gergely @@burt @bruyndoncx This is to notify you about the awesome sefurls class and its current status. New things: Optional multilingual alias: for example: mystore.com/en/dvd-movies Optional Display the aliases from default language only: If you have multiple languages installed then you can keep the aliases of the default language and only change the language alias (en => gr). For example: Lets say that the default language in English with alias : en So if we go to the greek language we will normally have "gr/dvd-movies/komwdia" and not "gr/dvd-movies/comedy" But with just a click you can change an option from admin panel and so the greek language will use the english aliases AND SO we will have "gr/dvd-movies/comedy" . COOL! Cache aliases: you may cache in db, apc or json file Reset Cached aliases Optional 301 redirect Optional Use only last alias and not full path: for example instead of mystore.com/en/dvd-movies/action/speed you may wish mystore.com/en/speed or even mystore.com/speed Duplicate alias check: if there are duplicate aliases then sefurls auto increment a number so we don't have to worry about cloned - copied products which will probably gonna have same urls. TODO: Manufacturers aliases (its a bit pain in the ass) Backward compatibility in order to implement Backward compatibility I need you to provide me with all the different variations of urls. So far I have spotted: {product_alias}-p-{products_id}.html {category_alias}-c-{categories_id}.html {category_alias}-c-{categories_id}_{categories_id}.html {category_alias}/{category_alias}-c-{categories_id}_{categories_id}.html How many levels of subcategories there are? Does this apply : {category_alias}/{category_alias}/{category_alias}-c-{categories_id}_{categories_id}_{categories_id}.html ??? Is the extension '.html' optional or a necessity? Should admin be able to input custom extension other than html? (SOMETHING THAT WOULD BE COOL) For example: mystore.com/dvd-movies.ole PLEASE ADVICE P.S. Thank you for keeping interest on this awesome, to be, addon. :-) Your friendly neighborhood programmer, John Barounis
  4. Hi @@giulmas , The sefurls.php is a file that contains the code I have created in order to do the stuff. Without that file you cannot use sefurls addon.
  5. Thank you all for your messages. I will continue to develop it ( before release a public version ) and next things to develop are: 1) Manufactures rewrites 2) Multi language use, if admin wants to use language slug (for example for the Greek language all the urls will start www.store.com/gr/ ) Note this is optional. The default language will be also optional to have or not the language alias. For example some admins may want to use the en slug even for the DEFAULT English language. 3) Optional 301 Redirects for auto redirection (Admins will enable 301 redirect from the admin configuration) Will only be used if force redirect to new urls is set to True. Maybe give option to admins to also use 302 redirect. 4) Duplicate urls check. There will be a scan that will check for duplicates. If found duplicate then apply something at the end of the alias for example: mystore.com/dvd-movies mystore.com/dvd-movies-1 The auto create alias function already transliterates characters to ASCII : Latin ( for example â to a ) Greek ( for example λ to l ) Turkish ( for example Ğ to G ) Russian ( for example Й to J ) Ukrainian ( for example ґ to g ) Czech ( for example ů to u ) Polish ( for example ł to l) Latvian ( for example ķ to k) But if anyone wants to use those characters he must add aliases manually containing those chars OR select the option not to transliterate. THOUGHTS: Give admins ability to choose delimiter for alias for more than one word (Dvd movies to dvd-movies or dvd_movies) Give admins ability to choose delimiter for categories and products (.com/dvd-movies/action => .com/dvd-movies_action ) Cache mechanism. I will probably add the ability to cache the urls. If use cache then cache the urls in db, apc or json flat file WHAT DO YOU THINK ? ( especially about the THOUGHTS above ) A question about the name of this addon is it good - catchy to name it: SEFURLS ?
  6. Cloned products in the same category? If yes then Huston we have a problem, so we need to append something to the url to distinguish i guess.
  7. Hi @@Hotclutch , perhaps you misunderstood something: you can enter any get variables at the end of the urls as you could do with default osc, but by using SEFURLS you will not find mystore.com/die-hard but instead mystore.com/dvd-movies/action/die-hard everywhere for that product. By using default osc urls we had mystore.com?cPath=3_5&products_id=3 but we also had mystore.com?products_id=3 which could be found in some boxes such as specials and new products that where exist in the left and right columns. @@burt with my class you can easily have site.com/die-hard with some adjustments. I prefer to include the categories in the path because sometimes users may remove the last alias and so to get to the category and so on. Yes it should not be called SEF URS but instead Human friendly urls, HFURLS. So what would be the best name for such an addon? Hi @@Gergely , "Never forget to display products_id or categories_id in URL-s because you can run on false when the catalog use the same name without ID." perhaps that true but this will happpen only if you have categories and products with same name. But I prefer not to add them in the url because then there is no need to rewrite the urls. The goal is not to use the products_id and cPath variable in the url.
  8. Hello to all oscommercians guys. and especially to those who have responded to this thread. @@acidvertigo , @@vampirehunter, @@wHiTeHaT , @@burt , @@bruyndoncx I HAVE SOME GREAT NEWS FOR YOU I finally found some free time and developed a properly Search Engine Friendly Urls addon which does not require many core changes. And when I say properly I mean: Categories: mystore.com/dvd-movies mystore.com/dvd-movies/action e.t.c. Product: mystore.com/dvd-movies/action//die-hard-with-a-vengeance Osc page: You can rewrite any page in osc, for example you may wish to rewrite www.mystore.com/shopping_cart.php to www.mystore.com/cart (You can do that easily by the admin configuration panel) mystore.com/cart I do not think that having rewritten urls such as www.mystore.com/c-div-movies-action-p-die-hard-with-vengeance-p is a proper way (at least in my opinion) LET ME EXPLAIN A BIT HOW I DID THAT: First we need an htaccess file for Apache server with the simple code: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule .* index.php [L] </IfModule> If you are using other than Apache you can translate that code to suit server. Second: You must upload a php file inside the catalog/includes/classes. That sefurls.php contains the php sefurls class which does the magic. Third: You must include - require that class in the application_top.php (One line of code) require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'sefurls.php'); Fourth: add a piece of code to the tep_href_link (so that function to build us the right urls) global $sefurls; if(isset($sefurls) && $sefurls){ extract($sefurls->process_link($page,$parameters)); $link .= $seflink; }else{ if (tep_not_null($parameters)) { $link .= $page . '?' . tep_output_string($parameters); $separator = '&'; }else{ $link .= $page; $separator = '?'; } } Fifth: add small peice of code to index.php so to recognize what page to include. if($sefurls->page_type!='category'){ if($sefurls->include_page!=''){ $PHP_SELF=$sefurls->include_page; include $sefurls->include_page; exit; } } THATS IT. SIMPLE EH? NOTE 1: Categories and products can auto create the url alias - slug based on categories name and products name BUT you have the ability to custom change those because my SEFURLS addon adds categories_alias and products_alias in the categories_description and in products_description NOTE 2: The osc pages other than index.php and product_info do not get auto rewritten, you must do it from admin panel (very easy) PROOF OF WHAT BEEN WRITTEN ABOVE: Die hard with a Vengeance auto rewritten as die-hard-with-a-vengeance => http://www.johnbarounis.com/dev/osCommerce/store/dvd-movies/action/die-hard-with-a-vengeance DVD Movies auto rewritten as dvd-movies = >http://www.johnbarounis.com/dev/osCommerce/store/dvd-movies shopping_cart.php rewritten as cart => http://www.johnbarounis.com/dev/osCommerce/store/cart specials.php rewritten as offers => http://www.johnbarounis.com/dev/osCommerce/store/offers WHAT DO YOU THINK? P.S. By using SEFURLS addon there will be no links that point to same product. For example www.mystore.com/cPath=3&products_id=56 points to the same page with www.mystore.com/products_id=56 which is bad for seo. So SEFURLS always rewrites products using the full categories path. For example the product Die Hard With A Vengeance will always have the url: dvd-movies/action/die-hard-with-a-vengeance and not just die-hard-with-a-vengeance P.S. 2 With SEFURLS you can force old urls to redirect to the new ones so no old urls in use. P.S. 3 You can easily enable/disable it from the admin panel. P.S. 4 Added some other extra special options...
  9. gadlol

    alternative administration

    HI , craig. You can always change the https to http in my AAS code so this to work. Although i have thought of that. SO maybe its a bug...
  10. gadlol

    alternative administration

    Did you try with divs instead of span?
  11. gadlol

    alternative administration

    Hi craig. I have not used HTS_Highlight before, so i dont know the output of that function. If it just outputs the description you can do something like this: <div id="aas"> <?php /*** Begin Header Tags SEO ***/ ?> <?php echo HTS_Highlight(stripslashes($product_info['products_description']), $header_tags_array['keywords']); ?> <?php /*** End Header Tags SEO ***/ ?> </div>
  12. Can you check that the files have been saved in utf - 8 or apropriate format?
  13. Hi, first its not valid to have same ids in one page. id="confirmation" must be placed one time. I would suggest you not to use delay... One approch is to load a popup saying loading processing, that locks the screen input via overlay modal. Another approach is to hide the button Another is to change the button status to disabled so user cannot press it. All those can easily be done via javascript....
  14. @@burt Hi Gary did you have the chance to think of that next previous product module feature? Should I make it a content module first, and then see what we can do to make it use the sort param as we discussed it in the chat?
  15. Yes you are right, I meant to be included in the osc and admin can enable it. Without having to download it from addons page and upload the files to the server...
  16. The previous and next buttons depend on the sorting that has been selected in the products listed in a category. Not by id but on how the listing is made. And usually is made based on products_name. Thats why this module is working optimal when you add the get sort param to the products listed in a category.
  17. Ok... Other than that what do you think? Is it good to be included in osc bootstrap by default?
  18. So you suggest to make it a content module? I did it a box module because i saw bm_product_social_bookmarks.php and said since that is there i should create that in boxes.... Or am i using an outdated osc 2.34 bootstrap version?
  19. Do the non templateable box modules work also? Well by looking at the code I see that they work but did not test them yet....
  20. Hello osCommerce users. AAS is now "GitHubed". You can find the project here! You are free to report any issues e.t.c. Plus I give you for free an AAS module "Products Attributes". You can get it http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9135 With that module you can easily submit and manage any product's attribute through an easy menu. Search for the product, and jump directly to the innovative Attribute Manager Screen. John
  21. Hello Evgeni, thank you for your good words. It would be nice if there was such a feature. In order for that to work you have to login to AAS and so AAS will check if time passed so to auto apply rule to attributes prices. Well that may be slow down AAS because it has to check every time for that. Another method is to do it manually. Open attributes list dialog for a product and check then the dates, but that has the disadvantage of later on may not know which products have that rule in their attributes.... So maybe for next AAS version if I have clear it in my mind and know exactly what to implement, then yes.
  22. Improved js <script type="text/javascript"> /*javascript coded by John Barounis, www.johnbarounis.com Copyright © 2014 John Barounis*/ $(function(){ $(".nav-list > li > a.switch, .nav-list > li > a.switch span").on("click",function(e){ var jthis=$(this); //uncomment the three lines below to collapse the siblings (sub-sub-xxx categories) //var sibs=jthis.closest('li').siblings(); //sibs.find('ul.in').collapse('hide'); //sibs.find('a.switch span').removeClass('glyphicon-minus-sign'); jthis.closest('li').find('ul:first').collapse('toggle'); //here we toggle the clicked if(jthis.hasClass('glyphicon')) jthis.toggleClass('glyphicon-minus-sign'); else $(this).find('span').toggleClass('glyphicon-minus-sign'); return false; }); }); </script>
  23. Hi Lambro. That error exist because of you having installed old db table aas_settings. In the latest release of AAS v0.3 I changed key to skey because some users had problem to make a backup of db table because key and group are reserved words from mysql. So just in case I decided to changed the key to skey and group to sgroup. In order to fix that in your installation just delete the aas_settings table (AAS will prompt you to install it again) or just change the column fields names key to skey and group to sgroup.
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    event calendar v.2.3.1

    Hello Benny. You can use that addon I created: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9135 It has an embed events calendar among other great features. Check screenshots here: http://www.alternative-administration-system.com/screenshots Check demo here: http://www.alternative-administration-system.com/demo