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  1. Hi @@29gk Glad it works..... Hope you like my addon... P.S. Γεια σου πατριώτη...
  2. In order for the SEO FRIENDLY URLS to be uninstalled you must use the uninstall option then go to the front store so that option - action run. Then If you refresh the page the SEO FRIENDLY URLS will auto install again. But I dont know what will happen if some of the configurations is corrupted. In general I would suggest to go to the configuration table and remove all the keys that start with SEO_FRIENDLY_URLS_ and then go to the front store and seo frendly urls will auto install....
  3. Hi Richard. 404 not found is not an easy task, at least in oscommerce. So in order not to have that white page, create an 404.php page but without oscommerce code and then go to admin and edit the option Handle not found urls as 404 include page? (404 status code) set to 404.php and then you will get the 404.php displayed. Unfortunately there is not an easy way to make an oscommerce page as a 404 not found. In the next version I ll try to implement that. But for now the solution is to create a custom 404 page...
  4. Hi Kenny, Unfortunately in current version there is no ability to get what you want. Instead you can do: http://yoursite.com/review?products_id=19 I did not foresee that need and thats why I did not code it. But if you want I can code it for you.
  5. Hello Marcelo, it actually does support conversions like that. In current version those conversions are hard coded and applied only when you set auto create alias to true (default) and "Transliterate characters to ASCII" to true (default) For example: here are the transliterations for Turkish and Ukrainian languages: // Turkish 'Ş' => 'S', 'İ' => 'I', 'Ç' => 'C', 'Ü' => 'U', 'Ö' => 'O', 'Ğ' => 'G', 'ş' => 's', 'ı' => 'i', 'ç' => 'c', 'ü' => 'u', 'ö' => 'o', 'ğ' => 'g', // Ukrainian 'Є' => 'Ye', 'І' => 'I', 'Ї' => 'Yi', 'Ґ' => 'G', 'є' => 'ye', 'і' => 'i', 'ї' => 'yi', 'ґ' => 'g', Those can be found in the function create_alias line 762 In the next version there will be an option to load transliterations from txt file or db so you can easily alter those...
  6. I dont know if its ok to use along with the Header Tags SEO plugin because I have not test it with that. You can do so and tell me. In general I dont think that it will be a problem. "i read that the older plugins are just too messed up to work on Bootstrap edge oscommerce?" Thats why I created that addon. My addon is very simple to install, only one file in the classes folder (seo_friendly_urls.php), and a few minor changes into 2 other files. For main features e.t.c. check this page. Make sure you check the options table at the bottom.
  7. Hi Agustin, thank you for your kind words. In the current Version of AAS there is no way to select categories and thats because there is not a need to check categories since there are not actually things to mass change in a category. If osc had categories status then it could be useful. But in the next version I will add support for categories selection just in case someone has installed categories status addon or categories seo description e.t.c. About exporting: I ' ll have to double check that... (Although I am currently developing an AAS module that will do a better thing than the AAS core export mechanism) About settings: The sixth option is only available for admin with id = 1. I coded like that because I want one admin to be the Master =, and so only him to have the ability to control what other admins can see - do with AAS. So in order to temporary fix that you can edit the administrations table and change the id to 1. (Note its a bit safe although its a primary key and thats because it is not connected with any other table.) In next version - update I will make the option visible only to the first admin found in the table administrators P.S. In a few days I will introduce a new page in the AAS website that will have the so far translated AAS files ( Spanish and Greek )
  8. Hi vampire, you can find a demo here. If you need more information just send me P.M. P.S. I know for sure that several osCommerce admins use my addon. If you need their opinion I can get you in contact with some of them (those who want to)...
  9. Hi Fredrik. I dont know if it will work in osCommerce 2.2-MS2 I have not test it. In the addons page you can find the new version 2.0.0 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9371 Install that on your osCommerce 2.2-MS2 and send me a message so to check it.
  10. Hello fellow oscommercians. Thank you for your kind words about the addon. I received great feedback about it. I want to inform you about the new upcoming version 2.0.0 which includes features you've requested and bugs you've reported fixed. New features: Ability to alias the manufacturers pages. Ability to enable or disable aliases for products. Ability to enable or disable aliases for categories. Ability to enable or disable aliases for manufacturers. Ability to enable or disable aliases for pages. Handle not found urls as simple redirect to other pages without 404 status code. Handle not found urls as 404 include page with 404 status code. Ability to add extension for products. Ability to add extension for categories. Ability to add extension for manufacturers. Ability to add extension for pages. Ability to add a backslash "/" instead of extension. ( Ability to exclude / if url has GET variables ) Lower or Upper case auto created aliases. Duplicate alias fix. Ability to re-index pages in the root so to make new pages available for aliasing. Ability to redirect index.php to the domain so not to have index.php in the address bar at all. Ability to hide index.php while constructing urls. If found FILENAME_DEFAULT (index.php) then does not add it in the urls. Please stay tuned as this GREAT ( based on your sayings ) addon is getting better and better. P.S. If you want to test the version 2.0.0 pre release, just sent me P.M.
  11. First fix the open_basedir restriction: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1846882/open-basedir-restriction-in-effect-file-is-not-within-the-allowed-paths Secondly check to see if the SEO Friendly Urls configurations have been installed.
  12. Hi Richard, I dont know why it takes a few mins to load. That is strange, never mentioned that before. can you send me a link so to check it? Note: I am currently debugging the version 2 of SEO Friendly Urls which contains many improvements and new features such as manufacturers aliasing. Another great feature is the ability to add a backslash at the end of urls instead of extension. I would suggest to wait a day in order to apply the new version and then we will see about the slow loading. P.S. Other edition comes with cache mechanism so that could be a solution.
  13. Hi Andy is there an online link so I can check it? Although I dont think it has to do with my addon.
  14. Hi TIm, thank you for your good words. P.S. 1 : I have updated the installation guide so to include one more step that I forgot. Those of you who found problems please re download the file: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9371 The new step is about a small change to product_info.php so the product page to get aliased. P.S. 2 : Products Filters is on its way and its GREAT!!!!
  15. Hello fellows. Here is the Topic for the SEO Friendly Urls addon which is based on the above posts. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/408469-seo-friendly-urls-a-new-approach/ I will soon include your requests - improvements. Thank you for your support.
  16. Hello, I have started building a seo urls mechanism. So far I have managed to display: Categories links examples: www.mydomain.com/category-alias/ www.mydomain.com/category-alias/sub-category-alias www.mydomain.com/category-alias/sub-category-alias/sub-category-alias www.mydomain.com/category-alias/sub-category-alias/sub-sub-category-alias/sub-sub-sub-category-alias e.t.c. Products links examples: www.mydomain.com/category-alias/product-alias www.mydomain.com/category-alias/sub-category-alias/product-alias www.mydomain.com/category-alias/sub-category-alias/sub-category-alias/product-alias www.mydomain.com/category-alias/sub-category-alias/sub-sub-category-alias/sub-sub-sub-category-alias/product-alias e.t.c. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- www.mydomain.com/specials.php => www.mydomain.com/specials www.mydomain.com/products_new.php => www.mydomain.com/products_new e.t.c. It requires apache mod rewrite and catalog php files such as ( index.php, specials.php, products_new.php ) to be placed under a folder lets say "pages" and leave in the main catalog folder only one file called index.php which will handle requests and address to the right php file. So if we are going to the specials page the "root" index.php will require the pages/specials.php which is the same file as specials.php but without the require('includes/application_top.php'); because it is already called by the root index.php. The seo urls slugs are stored in db (for products are saved in: products_seo_url located in products_description table, that way you can have different slug depending on selected language ) ----------------------------------------------- What do you think? Are you interested? Should I continue developing it?
  17. Hi Malcolm, 1) is not advisable because then you will lose the parent link category. Imaging having a category and a subcategory. If you click on the category then it will expand to show all the subcategories but it will not go to the category link. Thats why I used plus minus icons at the beginning. If you still want that feature post a reply so to start a look at it. 2)Perhaps if you used html special chars?
  18. Hello to all osc fellows... In the products listing we use a a div row and add inside col-sm-4 <div id="products" class="row list-group"> <div class="col-sm-4"> <!-- product stuff here --> </div> <div class="col-sm-4"> <!-- product stuff here --> </div> </div> and we use a Header Tags Module Equal Height Divs (jQuery) . We get the products listed in a row and if we have a product with big name or image with big height e.t.c. then equal heights will make it probably ugly. SO WHY NOT ORGANIZE THE PRODUCTS INTO COLUMNS. For example: if we have lg then we want to display for example 3 products at a row ( as we normally do but now organized into columns ) :: p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7 p8 p9 the code will be: <div class="row visible-lg-block"> <!-- only visible to lg --> <div class="col-lg-4"> <div class="item">p1</div> <div class="item">p4</div> <div class="item">p7</div> </div> <div class="col-lg-4"> <div class="item">p2</div> <div class="item">p5</div> <div class="item">p8</div> </div> <div class="col-lg-4"> <div class="item">p3</div> <div class="item">p6</div> <div class="item">p9</div> </div> </div> When we have md code will be: <div class="row visible-md-block"> <!-- only visible to md --> <div class="col-md-6"> <div class="item">p1</div> <div class="item">p3</div> <div class="item">p5</div> <div class="item">p7</div> <div class="item">p9</div> </div> <div class="col-md-6"> <div class="item">p2</div> <div class="item">p4</div> <div class="item">p6</div> <div class="item">p8</div> </div> </div> When we have xs code will be: <div class="row visible-xs-block"> <!-- only visible to xs --> <div class="col-xs-12"> <div class="item">p1</div> <div class="item">p2</div> <div class="item">p3</div> <div class="item">p4</div> <div class="item">p5</div> <div class="item">p6</div> <div class="item">p7</div> <div class="item">p8</div> <div class="item">p9</div> </div> </div> I have already implemented it. Check the screenshots bellow: Screenshot 1: http://www.johnbarounis.com/dev/osCommerce/images/products_listing_into_columns_lg.png Screenshot 1: http://www.johnbarounis.com/dev/osCommerce/images/products_listing_into_columns_md.png What do you think? Does it worth displaying products that way?
  19. I think we should create first a better img class. So when an admin uploads the image for the product, the img class will: 1. Resize the image so to be smaller (i.e. max width=960, max height=640), keeping aspect ratio. Also maybe lowering the quality so to reduce file size. SAVES TO catalog/images/products/ 2. Generate thumb at the dimensions defined by admin options (keeping aspect ratio) SAVES TO catalog/images/products/thumbs/ In the front store: In product listing display the thumbnails (same dimensions). If name is too big in the listing then use elipsis with overflow hidden. P.S. Guys osc needs also improvement into admin section. We need to adapt a bootstap version or something. And please, coders try to make admin section as independent from front as possible. I mean do not use the bts files from front store. You cannot have a Ferrari and put inside bad oil.
  20. I have another proposal: lets see how are the other eshop cms are doing it... Hmmm let me make an investigation.... :-)
  21. Perhaps if we used javascript and make javascript wrap unwrap items depending on LG MD SM XS would do the job without repeating the info http://www.bootply.c...nder/1Tq35rlkbx Looks good but the content is aligned top to bottom and not left to right. Same: content is aligned top to bottom and not left to right. And I think not working properly...
  22. Here it is: http://pastebin.com/txMwtWuA The code in paste bin is for the includes/modules/product_listing.php Note: In order to achieve the left to right presentation of products while maintain the column structure we need to loop over products and to add them to specific div - column. In order to do that we check: if($clKey%3 == 0) //add to first column if($clKey%3 == 1) //add to second column if($clKey%3 == 2) //add to third column when having 2 columns in MD if($clKey%2 == 0) //add to first column if($clKey%2 == 1) //add to second column P.S. This technic has a disadvantage of creating elements even for not currently displaying screen size: for example if we display 3 columns for LD the MD with 2 columns is hidden and visible only if MD screen.