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  1. Fidot


    Jim, instead of could explain you, for what purpose in this module the field is used parent_id in the table mysql? Thanks for the answer in advance!
  2. Fidot


    Dear Jim! I thank you for the excellent module. I added it a little, having added to it search. It isn't difficult to understand that if many terms will be added, they need to be found quickly somehow. Here it will be difficult to do without search in the glossary. Once again thanks!
  3. Fidot

    Site Search Plus

    Hello! I want to express gratitude to the author of a script! It is the excellent module solving a problem with search in oscommerce. At osc isn't present and was never normal search. And you made such search! I had to remake strongly your script, to add a lot of things. Now your module can look for also in news, certificates, documentation, history of vendors. Besides, I made that search looked for in the guest book, messages which are similar to request. Your code very convenient, also allows to make search in any place of mySQL, for any site on osc. If not you, I never would make to myself normal search in all site. With very big respect!