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  1. I tried the possible solutions stated in your link. But neither one of them won't work. Perhaps someone knows how this can be solved ? Really don't want to uninstall the addon. Works great for the rest :)
  2. Hello all, First I would like to say I just love this contribution. I managed to install it successfully. Not bad for someone who hasn't been working with PHP before :) But I run into a small issue now on my webshop. On the frontpage the new monthly products are listed. When my visitors push the Buy Now button on them they receive a 404-page telling them the URL can't be found. For example: When they visit the categories and click on the product there and then they choose the buy now button, it just works fine. I have been looking through this forum. I see some other people who experience this issue. But I cannot find a clear solution on what to do to get this issue solved. Perhaps someone here can explain me what I need to do to get this solved ? Best regards.