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  1. Clownshoes

    Is USPS shipping module down

    I tried the USPS Methods addon download from FEB 26, 2010 and incorporated this (found earlier in this thread): Find this: list($type, $cost) = each($uspsQuote[$i]); so I added this after: $type = str_replace('<sup>®</sup>', '', $type); $type = str_replace('<sup>™</sup>', '', $type); $type = str_replace('**', '', $type); and it seems to work. You have to manually comment out in the usps file the methods you don't want to offer, but once you do that it seems to function properly, well enough to accept domestic and international orders for now....until a better solution comes along that is fully functional.
  2. Clownshoes

    Is USPS shipping module down

    I'm also having the problem with missing International rates. If someone finds an update to the shipping module that fixes the problem please post info/link here. Thanks!