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  1. anairolf

    Fancybox & multiple image question

    Hi steffanih, I'm not sure to have understood your problem. But anyway, did you try from admin panel in "Images"?
  2. Hi guys, I post the half solution. I changed the altered file and I cut this code:(in instructions there was written "version one", so I tried to cut it) <!-- Simple multi image addon --> <tr><td>Additional Images:</td><td class="main" colspan="3"><table summary=""><tr> <?php $i=1; while (list($key, $value) = each($products_image_array)) { ?> <?php echo '<td align="center">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES . $value, $value, SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT, ' hspace="8" vspace="5"'); if($HTTP_POST_VARS['delete_image_' .$i] == 'on') echo '<br />To Be Deleted'; echo '</td>'; ++$i; } ?> </tr> </table></td></tr></table> <!-- EOF Simple multi image addon --> The add seems to be ok but I cannot upload sometimes images file. I just uploaded one photo but sometimes it gives a warning error in the top of the page for the other photos: "Attenzione Warning: Nessuno file uplodato." that means warning no file uploaded. I'd like to understand in the box "TEXT_PRODUCTS_IMAGE_DIRECTORY" in catalog by admin side what should I have to browse? It seems like I should upload a folder in which I will insert all products images. Could it be? Thanx.
  3. Hi Chris, I have Online Merchant osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2 I don't use any different template. I just modified the main css and images. I don't modify php code because I'm not able to do it without help. Anywhere, the code is: from line 750 to 839
  4. thank you Chris. I've just installed again the add-on. The add runs, I can see the popup image on the catalog side. But in the admin side, when i click on catalog (in administration), it gives to me this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /web/htdocs/www.mysiteaddress.it/home/catalog/admin/categories.php on line 802 I try to understand what is but I don't find anything. Just a doubt is that during manual rewriting of file, when istructions say i cannot find the closed tag </table> in my original file. I don't know how to solve this error. Thanx
  5. Hi to everyone. I write from Italy. Is there any Italian who can help me? I tride twice to install simple multi Image but it doesn't run. I'm trying it for the third ones, before I ask to you: I have to install ONLY simple multi image, not also fancybox, wont'I? To run in the database means I open my phpadmin in my web space (the domain maintener, not in oscommerce, right?) and I should IMPORT all 3 sql files I find in the folder. Is this correct? Or should I import just one of those? Is the term IMPORT the same of RUN for sql? Please forgive my english, I hope to receive some help becausa I have a little difficulty. I'd forgotten just a last question: is this add-on compatible with 2rc2? I wrote all files manually. Thanx