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  1. ErikMM

    Item Specific Shipping

    Sure it is possible, but I don't know or have the desire to find out. I gave up on shipping modules, and just use zones rates as a lot if the modules were a pain in the arse to me (rate changes, updates etc.). Rather than sweat it I added a little to where I ship most, listed "free shipping" as a hook, and was done. I included zone rates for areas outside my country and a note or asterisk by the word "free" and never looked back. Did the same for taxes. Easy-peasee.
  2. ErikMM

    Item Specific Shipping

    word of caution here, you may want another database as db changes could affect the live site, so perhaps 1. a subdomain on your host, 2. a mirror database copied from the live, 3. all live folders/files to the mirror I'm guessing this is better than trying 'offline' as there could be differences between your machine and the "real" server.
  3. ErikMM

    Item Specific Shipping

    1. http://www.clubosc.com/mirror-site-oscommerce.html 2. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/199681-mirror-site/ also, I think you can compare 3 files with notepad++ (not sure)-- a clean 2.3.3 file, your exsiting working modified files, and a modified of the existing per the changes...you should be able to figure out from there-- good luck
  4. ErikMM

    Item Specific Shipping

    have you ever made changes to those files? if not then just replace them with the downloaded files there is a way to create a mirror of your site somehow so screw-ups will be seen and not affect the store, but I can't tell you how as far as doing it for you, I'd rather not...
  5. ErikMM

    Item Specific Shipping

    you have to amend or revise or update the files it tells you to in the read me and download 1. is catalog/checkout shipping.php 2. is catalog/includes/classes/shopping cart.php --you may not have "catalog," depends on how you uploaded oSc Do you know where to find 1, 2 on your host's server or control panel, or how to use something like FireFTP? If so, **make the changes to those files in the add on download (or just upload the entire file in the download as is) and save them or FTP to the server (you might want to keep back ups of the original php files before the changes in case something goes wrong). If I were you I'd get notepad++ (free) and compare your existing php file (1, 2 above) before the changes to the ones in the add on download using the notepad++ plugin-compare feature. The reason being that if you made any other changes to 1, 2 you don't want to lose them with the new changes you will make from the downloded add on files (follow me?) If you never made changes then no need to bother with comparing...I always do it because I have modified my store a great deal **basically all you have to do
  6. ErikMM

    PayPal for recurring monthly donations?

    A much better way to add and sort products: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4063 + this needed http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/195959-ajax-attribute-manager-support/page__st__1100 ^archive your entire shop through your host's control panel or ftp, and back-up your db at the oSc admin panel as well before you attempt to install the add-on as I recall a lot being involved in adding this, but it's been a long time. I still use/have the ad-on ,and love it. this add-on may give you what you need, and you can still set-up the paypal button and paypal will make the code/button for you. Then you just have to paste it where you want, the only issue is that a 'product'/child will show a price and add to cart button, but the paypal button would be different, you'd have to make a note that it is recurring. There is also a way to not show prices if they are zero, and still have a product page, where you could just have the recurring button.
  7. ErikMM

    PayPal for recurring monthly donations?

    set up button on paypal end, then paste onto your website whever you want it to show...options are many so you need a paypal account first, then setup your button, then place where wanted chances are people will be shunted off to paypal to do the rest/donate it looks like you already have students set up for a one time donation, you could add a "recurring" button to the catalog page for that student
  8. Does anyone have some site links where I can see this working...new (and old) versions?
  9. So it looks like the KISS Meta Tags SEO v1 may have been version 55, but I'm not sure? Regardless, there is a handy upgrade instruction with the new package r72 (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7199). The reason for my post^ above is that the new package is confusingly called "KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta & Canonical Header Tags" BUT the upgrade is called "KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta Tags version 1.0" (Upgrade revision 55 to r72) So, it's a little confusing as to what I had running and what the upgrade is actually called, or what the old one was actually called, but what the hell, it was so easy to upgrade that it really doesn't matter. I simply wrote over the old (or maybe old, i.e. 55) catalog/includes/modules/kiss_meta_tags folder with the new folder and contents. FTP, 30 seconds. Done. Still not sure what to do about #2^, but I'm going to turn off the stock module and just use r72.
  10. it looks like I have KISS Meta Tags SEO v1.0 don't see any info on updates or changes to the version above^ to the one being discussed here (KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta & Canonical Header Tags) 1. ideas on how to proceed in getting rid of old and/or changing to new? 2. now that 2.3.2 and 2.3.3 have a stock header tag module...how should we go about using the stock or the KISS version-- should the stock one be turned off completely, or some features used and others not?
  11. perhaps this can be used to allow quotation marks " as well? so I can manipulate colors as mentioned in my post above^?...don't know how to add this though
  12. 1. any idea how to allow OPTION titles to be colored? I tried adding css plus a span in the option box, but its does not work .pink {color:#FF00AA;} <span class="pink">option title</span> all options turn pink, then the title gets kicked out and all that's left is <span class= 2. last upload was 2.8.7 Jan 27 2010... alot has changed, any suggestions on an upgrade...hate to "fix" what isn't broke, but maybe I'm missing something
  13. ErikMM

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Thanks. I figured I didn't have any "pages" file(s), and the other ones I was concerned about were ok: manufactures, product, and category
  14. ErikMM

    Add More Fields

    two issues/questions I have not seen yet in the thread: 1. Do I have to have "Easy Populate" installed? as there is warning "Easy Populate is not installed" 2. the pop up is not found when clicking Explain options in admin, but the popup file exists in the right location, suggestions?
  15. ErikMM

    Add More Fields

    I think Jack recommend WinMerege I had major problems as the install instructions for modifications had a few "issues", and I totally lost my categories in admin following the mod instructions. Solution: Like WinMerege, I used Notepad++, with the plugin "compare" that you can add to Notepad++ Then I opened the categories.php file that came with the Fields download, and compared it to my current categories.php (which also had the AJAX manger installed). I essentially just copied all the differences in my original file over to the new one, and then uploaded problem solved, and my blood pressure fell back to normal... Notepad is great for searching/finding items as well whgen making changes