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  1. Hello, thanks for the reply. Here's what i have filled for the module: Enable PayPal IPN Module = true Gateway Server = Live ( i tried testing mode as well) E-Mail Address = xxxxxxxxxx (email for the paypal account) Sort order of display = 0 Transaction Currency = Only GBP Payment Zone = None Set Preparing Order Status = Preparing [Paypal IPN] Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status = Default Set PayPal Completed Order Status = Default Transaction Type = Aggregate Move tax to total amount = True Page Style = (blank) Debug E-Mail Address = xxxxxxx cURL Proxy server = (blank) Your Private Key = (blank) Your Public Certificate = (blank) PayPals Public Certificate = (blank) Your PayPal Public Certificate ID = (blank) Working Directory = /usr/bin/openssl Please have a look and advice further.
  2. I have installed Paypal IPN 2.3.4 and when trying to checkout it gives an error message in the url on checkout_payment.php page "checkout_payment.php?error_message=Please+select+a+payment+method+for+your+order." and doesn't proceed to the confirmation page. If someone can give me a solution for this problem i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  3. I have installed the OSPlayer v2.1 following the user manual step by step. I used the advanced method by adding and replacing the code carefully. All seems to be well and I went in to the admin panel to upload a mp3 file. At the step where you need to create a folder for a product the folder doesn't get created. The same page reloads when I click create. Any solution or ideas will be greatly appreciated....