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  1. Hi: I'm using your CKeditor Add-On for OsCommerce 2.2. It run very good, but when I open an article for edit it, I see this to the end of textarea: >15.

    How can I fix it?

    Thank you.

  2. elmaluf

    Sample Downloads

    Thank you matrix2223. 1) What php file must I change? index.php? 2) How can indicate my mp3 files by dinamyc way? Omar.
  3. elmaluf

    Sample Downloads

    Chris: Thank you, I followed the instructions but I could not install it. Omar.
  4. elmaluf

    Sample Downloads

    I have some digital products in my store (pdf and mp3 files). They can be downloaded when customers make the payment, but I want to offer the possibility to download some small samples of these files. ¿Is it possible in Oscommerce? Thank.