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  1. altereco

    Image Expando

    Hello, I am looking for a good addon for a mouse over to make my images expand onmouseover. Image Expando is the only one I have really been able to find thus far and I am wondering how well this works and does it work with fancybox? Thanks!
  2. Hello, When my customers are creating accounts, I keep getting complaints that the page will not allow them to input their birthday. When they try to register, they get an error message that says the birthdate format is wrong. when the page reloads their birthdate is changed to what seems like some default birthdate and they can only continue on with that specific birthdate provided in the fields. Can I fix this somehow? Also, how do I change the hours of my store in contact_us.php to what my hours are? Can I change the hours to american format? Thank you for the contribution and the help!
  3. altereco


    Hello, I just got site monitor working (I think) and when I go into "sitemonitor" within my admin it gives me this message at the top in red " WARNING: Your admin name is admin. That should be changed. WARNING: Your images directory is not protected by a .htaccess file." How do I do these two things? If I change the name of my admin will it break anything? and sorry I don't know much about developing, so the .htaccess is new to me. Thanks
  4. altereco


    I just tried to install site monitor and I did everything in the directions but when I go to admin/sitemonitor/admin is says this in red at the top " Your username is invalid. Please change it and try again.: System -> /home/gogett9/public_html/ - SiteMonitor -> /home/username/public_html/" What am I supposed to do here? I didnt see anything in the directions about this and am a little lost because I don't know very much about this kind of stuff... Just trying to get my site secure. Thanks!
  5. altereco

    IP trap Version 3 released

    "Upload the entire contents of the catalog folder to your existing catalog folder on your server via FTP." Do I drag the whole catalog folder from my local site to my remote site and put that whole folder inside of the catalog folder my catalog is already in? Or do I upload each of the files within the catalog folder individually to my current catalog?