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  1. had a search couldn't seem to find one basically after an add on that shows related products people might be interesting when ordering items? IE add ons for a product etc? Thanks!
  2. Carnt seem to find a support thread so maybe some one can help me i get the error line 102 is
  3. hmm those ones dont seem to do what i want basicly need one that can offer and i can accept and it does an invoice etc is there one?
  4. thanks guys
  5. Seen a site some where that has it but searched contrib page but nothing that i can see basicly your customers can submit an offer? any one know how to do this? Thanks Laurence
  6. when trying to change the time zone i get this error any ideas? Thanks Laurence
  7. quick question i enable it and and lets say for one of the catorgies it has link but when you click on it it doesnt find the page have i missed a setting?
  8. line 102 is $fh = fopen($sm, 'w') or die(ERROR_INDEX_FILE);
  9. Carnt seem to find a support thread so maybe some one can help me i get the error Warning: fopen(/home/socom/domains/ failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/socom/domains/ on line 102 Unable to create site map index file! any one know how i would go about fixing this?
  10. think i sorted it :)
  11. think i sorted it :)
  12. Can any one help me please when ordering i get the error I think i know the problem my sites installed in the root dir not /catalog like its showing the first link problem is just trying to find where to change it? Thanks Laurence
  13. <META NAME="Keywords" content="Add your Keywords"> <META NAME="Description" content="Add Store description here."> im seeing that which shows you prob havnt added them via admin section?
  14. Spot on :) am i only supposed to have Keywords and description in the admin section edit? thought there was a title one? Laurence
  15. any idea why im not getting any buttons to press is that an sql prob as well?