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  1. littleminx

    Disk Space

    Hi Thanks for your reply. Im not sure which one it would be on to be honest. Its coming up on my cpanel as used 500mb disk space. Im looking to upload a couple of thousand images. Regards
  2. littleminx

    Disk Space

    Hi I am fairly new to these forums and was wandering if anyone could tell me if it was possible to accumulate extra disk space, and if so how would I do it. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Regards
  3. littleminx

    Upload a load of Images in the one go

    Ive just downloaded filezilla, just a quick question with regards to port. Where would I finf details for this. Just a beginner ha! Also with filezilla would I be able to transfer the descriptions on this aswell?
  4. littleminx

    Upload a load of Images in the one go

    Thanks for advice. Silly question as Im learning with regards to the txts files is this something I would be able to get from my supplier and also easy populate where would I aquire this from. Thanks
  5. Hi Im uploading images/txt singly which is taking me around 5 mins each product. Is there any type of software or downloads that you can recommend that will enable me to upload around a 1000 images/txts in the one go?? Would be grateful for any advice related to this!! Thanks :)