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    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, I have a problem with the title and the description on product pages. There is always the default value, even if I try many times to run "fill tags". If I select product_info.php and I check View Result, I got "Title 404 Not Found". When I run "Fill tags" for the products, the result is "1224 Product tags have been filled." and then plenty of lines "Error: Product with ID of 491 and language ID of 1 is missing a name". I don't think this is a problem, the default ID language is 4, and there is no error with ID = 4. Anyway I don't why I can't get a dynamic title on each product page, any clues ? (Everything works fine with manufacturer and category pages) Thanks !
  2. gmic

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, I have installed Header Tag SEO, it seems to work fine, but I can't change the title of some page "Replace me in Page Control under index.php". In admin panel > Header Tag SEO > Page control, the dropdown menu "Select an option" is almost empty, there are only 3 items ("Select a file", "Show All Files" and "Add Missing Pages"), so I can't change title and description of index.php for example. How can I fix this ? In the database ("headertags" table), there is a row for each following page : index.php, product_info.php, product_reviews.php, product_reviews_info.php, product_reviews_write.php and specials.php, with language_id = 4 (the language_id of the store) When I try the test page, I got at the bottom of the page : languages in the Header Tags table are: 2 ( Deutsch ). languages in the Header Tags table are: 3 ( Español ). languages in the Header Tags table are: 1 ( English ). There is no language 4 (French), I don't what it means...