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  1. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8666 One feature i liked about this add-on is the ability to have pages only show when logged in. I've uploaded files, added new table, and edited files as per install.txt. But i can't get any new pages to show at all. I'm using oscommerce 2.3.3.
  2. Hi Can anyone help me with a simple install problem with the Superfish Horizontal Menu add on please? The menu works, but i don't have the format i was expecting. URL here: http://sbits.net/catalog/index.php TIA
  3. peterguk

    Product Info Page Box

    @@newburns Thank you for your reply. OK, i've had a play. At my site, no item will add to basket, regardless of whether there are attributes. At your site, any item will add to basket, including those without attributrs. E.g.: http://mtrosemedia.tk/store/product_info.php/the-answer-prayer-p-90? I tried for 2 hours last night, but can see nothing wrong with the code in the add on product_info page. Can you paste up or message me your product_info.php page so i can compare? Thanks.
  4. peterguk

    Product Info Page Box

    Uploaded latest files to my 2.3.3 shop. All seems to function as expected, EXCEPT when "add to cart" is pressed, user is redirected to cart contents, but nothing is added. Any ideas? http://www.sbits.net/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=25
  5. peterguk

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    OK, i'm running 2.3.3. I've installed the latest version of the Tracking add on http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7864 I've also installed the latest RM add on and the Intperparcel add on. I've made the various changes as recommended in the installation txt, and checked the database table entries. All is OK. In common with a couple of other posters, all seems to operate as it should, BUT I've entered valid tracking numbers for both Royal Mail and Interparcel. When i click on the tracking link in either admin or customer account page, all i get is the spinning ajax gif for about 2 seconds, and then nothing but " [x] Close " Has anyone got this working in 2.3.3? Any suggestions?
  6. I've reviewed my install. What part of the add-on causes the pages to be produced?
  7. peterguk

    Header Tags SEO

    In addition to my post above, i also notice the "Categories" heading is missing.
  8. peterguk

    Header Tags SEO

    I had this exact, same problem. Substituting the New Shop code as recommended by Vassilis below has solved the problem on my product pages. But it still happens on the catagories page. I have no templates installed and have not modified the appearance of the shop. Any ideas?
  9. peterguk

    Quick PayPal Question

    Apologies in advance for my ignorance - this is my first post... New store, UK based. Will be using RBS Worldpay, but also going to offer PayPal Website Payments Standard. My question: As well as activating and setting up the PayPal Website Payments Standard module from within the admin, do i, or should i, also install the "PayPal IPN" Contribution? Thank you in advance.