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    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi, This is a great contrib,I'm just new and try to figure out how is this work correctly. I read the STS User Manual,but still get some confuse with it. I have a clean Osc MS2 installed with STS4.6 ,the following is my setup: 1.Default - enable and select "test" as my template. There is only 1 file sts_template.html in the folder. 2.Product info - enable,the other parameters are all default setup. So,here is my problem.I'm going to test the content page in product info,so i have a file product_info.php_3.html copy to my working template folder (catalog\includes\sts_templates\test\). Then i run the browser to view my site,there is only ID=3 product apply this contant page,when i turn off this module "product info" in admin,the content page of ID=3 product looks like the rest of other pages,everything works fine. But,when i rename product_info.php_3.html to product_info.php.html,even i turn off the module "product info" (still have "default" one on),but all content pages of my products still apply this content module. I can't figure out what happened,is there any wrong in my install? or It just run like this... (Sorry for my bad English grammar and spell..)