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  1. funkygee

    OSC to CSS v2

    Hi guys, I have not found a topic to post some issues on the new 2.3 version, that i'm testing based on the github version. I have the problem of the passwordhash.php , i cannot access some functionality of the test store, like admin, login, etc. Som kind of passwordhash error comes up on line 51 ( /includes/classes/passwordhash.php on line 51, Warning: is_readable() [function.is-readable] ) and everything stops. If someone can help me to figure out this. Or this is just because its not a released version yet, and will be solved when the final comes out ( hopefully tonight). Thanks a lot, FG,Hun.
  2. funkygee

    OSC to CSS v2

    Hi all here! I came across a problem when I started my 2.3 experience the day before. I've downloaded source from github,first of all its looks smart for me cause of 960gs. I would like to install a previous version of email authentication contrib in it, where 2 additional files should be uploaded as new : catalog/account_activate.php and catalog/account_activate_success.php and some others should be modified : catalog / login.php catalog / create_account.php catalog / includes / filenames.php catalog / includes / languages / (for all languages).php catalog / includes / langauges / (for all lanuages) / login.php catalog / includes / langauges / (for all lanuages) / create_account.php catalog / includes / langauges / (for all lanuages) / create_account_success.php but it seems partialy working only, reg. emil sent out, but when submitting the reg. form http://mydomain.com/create_account.php is not displayed, but errors mainly referenced to passwordhash.php occured. Then the system hangs back to the base-like outfit, character coding also messes up , something not integrated or so. What contrib do you suggest instead of this old one to achive mail registration with this new css - 960gs based system? (Important : It was the first contrib, all files where installed AS found @git. ) Thanks a lot.
  3. funkygee

    OSC to CSS v2

    Hi all! I had a problem to decompress the last full package of OSC2CSS with winrar (and also with other stuff). Did you recognize this issue? I have just downloaded it many times but the result was the same, no succesful unpack at all ( path not found 1132 times on the archive) Thanks, FG
  4. funkygee

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi! I'm a newbie to STS for OSC.I have a localized version of OSC 2.2RC2a in hungarian, with some security tweaks, and others. I'have just installed it with sample data. The question is, how does STS affects my language localization on my installed OSC: all files should be copied are about english version. Do I need to have spec version os STS to work properly with my installation? Many Thanks, FG.