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  1. Yes! That was the trick! Thanks Dan!
  2. Hi there, Today I've installed the new version of Mailbeez. Did it very simple. Backup everything. Rename mailhive dir and installed everything new. When I now go to admin/mailbeez.php i've got an internal server error 500... I'm working on version 2.2 of Osc.
  3. Dennis_oss

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Hi all, I am using this contrib for years now. I love it!! :D But now I have a small problem. I've installed DC megamenu on the site and now Firefox is adding a code at the end of the product URL. Always starting with #. and then a short random string. Because of this Whois Online can't figure out wich product someone is watching. And in de admin this shows up as a simple / When using IE, this code is not added to the url and whois online shows the productname in the admin. Here is how this url looks like: http://www.domain.com/product_info.php/cPath/287_212/products_id/1989#.TmIRZGq17Tk The last piece starting with # is the problem I think. Is there a way so whois_online can strip this of the url so it knows wich product the customer is looking at?
  4. Did this. The result: Processing.... code: winback module: winback SNAP.... deleted the email addresses Result:0 items no matching customers or all items have been sent Processing.... code: review_facebook module: review_facebook 1 successfully sent: 42602 emailaddress is here 2 successfully sent: 47319 emailaddress is here 3 successfully sent: 47042 emailaddress is here 4 successfully sent: 16351 emailaddress is here 5 successfully sent: 47134 emailaddress is here 6 successfully sent: 43956 emailaddress is here 7 successfully sent: 22463 emailaddress is here 7 blocked by validation: email_address empty - data not valid sending 47033 Dennis van Orsouw 8 successfully sent: 47242 emailaddress is here 9 successfully sent: 47187 emailaddress is here 10 successfully sent: 46661 emailaddress is here 11 successfully sent: 47007 emailaddress is here 12 successfully sent: 43348 emailaddress is here 13 successfully sent: 47304 emailaddress is here 14 successfully sent: 46098 emailaddress is here 15 successfully sent: 47307 emailaddress is here Result:15 items Processing.... code: review module: review Result:0 items no matching customers or all items have been sent Processing.... code: nopurchase module: nopurchase Result:0 items no matching customers or all items have been sent Processing.... code: service_db_optimize module: service_db_optimize Result:0 items no matching customers or all items have been sent
  5. 1. http://www.mydomain.com/mailhive.php?f6b9723323e1bxxxxxxxb=run&silent=1 (xxxxx = in fact a number ;) ) 2. Yes. The Module does not show up at all 3. Only this: 344 2011-05-25 07:57:46 MAILBEEZ_MODULE_INIT review_facebook class constructed PROD But it does this for all other modules too. I can only set MODULE_INIT and MODULE_SQL. There are no more options... I'm running version 2.1 btw.
  6. Hi there! It's me again :) Found another strange thing in Mailbeez. The Facebook review isn't running automaticly. When I look in the module, and list receipients. There are lot's of them in there. But the cronjob doesn't send out the emails. When I run the mailbeez.php manualy, it all works ok and the emails are all send out...
  7. YES!!! It works. Thanks you for this quick solution.
  8. Thanks! I sadly can't change the rewrite option in Oscommerce. I'm listed top 5 in Google, so I don't want this to dissapear :) Maybe in a soon to release new version it is fixed. I hope. Now my customers can't unsubscribe.... and this can lead to very unhappy customers :) Dennis
  9. Just installed this, works amazing! One thing though... My customers can't opt-out. The link is there in de email. But clicking it does lead them to a webpage ../mailhive.php/ma/block/m/nopurchase/mp/large code//?utm_source=MailBeez&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nopurchase The customer does see a page.... there is only the text: Mailbeez: PRODUCTION In de logs in opt-out logs, there are no entries... What can be wrong?