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  1. Kinrud

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Hi there, i seem to be having weird issues with this module, we installed this on our site a long time ago and never had any problems, however recently we have moved to a new server with slightly different LAMP settings and some of the emails being sent have broken html in them, i have managed to fix a few problems by inserting filters for the php names etc. but i am still getting problems. One such problem is that the Bill to and Ship to columns brake the page quite badly. It seems like it basically escapes or ignores a </td> tag and because of this everything is completely thrown off. It is strange because it only happens with certain orders, and if the email address is removed it seems to work, however if that same email address is used with a different order it could also work. Has anyone had a similar problem to this? Does anyone know what it could be or what i could try to fix it, i am completely out of ideas