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  1. This is the contribution I found: PayPal Pro Direct Payments & Express Checkout
  2. Hi! Well, this is just it... do I need all this, can I use just one of them? I believe the Express Checkout requires you to have the Direct Payments options module installed, or visaversa. No,I have not installed anything else... no missing page... Looking at the forum contribution there is one about paypal that tells you to request the API certificate through PayPal? Is this something I need to do? /Paula
  3. Hi! I am new to setting up a merchant website so need a bit of support... on second thoughts most likely lots of support! I have installed the following through the OSCommerce Payment modules: Paypal Payment Standard, UK Direct Payments, UK Express Check out, 2 Checkout. And I ahve tried configusrating the installation and set it up as Sandbox to be able to test it. When I go to check out I get the message that the page is not found... So, now what? Where do I go from here? What do I need to do!?! We have a Paypal account and we have registered with 2Checkout... Greateful for any help! /paula