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  1. I use 3 grid colum, and the pictures are there, but when I go to one product there are no Picture.
  2. Anybody have a link to a paypal module that place the order in my shop before the customer hit paypal confirm, (Yes i can delete the order if no money is arriving)
  3. Great contributuin, THX But i have a problem, I can't see the pictures on my iPhone, but it works ok at the pc browser. anybody have a idéa? http://www.slotworld.dk/shop/mobile_products.php?cPath=42
  4. racefun

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    Hi Mogens It could help if you did translate it to english, we are very few understanding Danish in here <_< but try to look in the code, in lini 211 they code ask for a sign and thats the problem.
  5. Hi I installed this contribution, but my shop is heavely redesigned, so I don't know if its me or the shop who give me problems. on http://www.slotworld.dk/shop/mobile_index.php I have this index site to work, also categories, but when clicking a categori I am send to the standard shop, just like the login site are being redirected to the standard shop. what is going wrong here?