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  1. chris.astley

    Sitemap SEO

    Fixed it... within the file includes/classes/category_tree.php on line 46 i added a line of code back in that was in version 1.7, changed this; if ($parent_id == '0') { } else { # $category_link = $p_category_link . '_' . $category_id; $category_link = (tep_not_null($p_category_link) ? $p_category_link . '_' . $category_id : $category_id); } to this if ($parent_id == '0') { $category_link = $category_id; } else { # $category_link = $p_category_link . '_' . $category_id; $category_link = (tep_not_null($p_category_link) ? $p_category_link . '_' . $category_id : $category_id); } Not sure if this is/was the problem but fixed my problem.. Cheers
  2. chris.astley

    Sitemap SEO

    I have uninstalled and reset the cache and no luck. After doing this though the option to filter short words has disappeared from the admin so my urls have changed? have you any idea what this could be?
  3. chris.astley

    Sitemap SEO

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply, i already have the lastest version installed "Ultimae SEO V2.2d", I have just checked all the files against a fresh download of the contribution and everything is ok. All the other links in the sitemap work and the categories did work on version 1.7, its only when I have installed the updates for version 1.8/1.9 that the links broke.
  4. chris.astley

    Sitemap SEO

    i have just upgrade from 1.7 to 1.9 and have 2 problems. When I view the www.yeltsa.com/sitemap.php the top level categories url are like this www.yeltsa.com/-c-.html although the anchor text is present and correct. The other is when I change settings within the admin on the Page Control page is does not save my settings when i click update. Any help would be great