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  1. I just installed OSC V2.2 RC2. I seem to have run into trouble getting the USPS shipping module to return correct rate values on shipping. Does anyone know what OSC PHP file contains the "a href" that sends requests for rates to USPS? OSC reference for "Shipping Module" "United States Post Office" references http://www.uspsprioritymail.com/et_regcert.html to apparently "reg a cert" This is incorrect and is a non-existent URL. Instead, you must go to USPS Webtools and open account.I have entered in the module my username and PW, and confirmed USPS has switched to their production server on my account. USPS says their production server URL is: http://production.shippingapis.com. It occurs to me that if OSC is making requests calls from a different URL and is sending requests to the wrong server this would cause problems. I cannot find in any of the shipping related PHP files any "a href" for the USPS site. It has to be somewhere. Any one have a suggestion on finding this line of code and in which PHP file? Thank you.
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    USPS Module Help Please!

    Hi, I just installed OSC, V2.2 RC2. I'm having the same issue: product weight =0.5 lbs shipping from/to same state, same zip range: within 5 miles. USPS calculates Express 13.65, First Class 2.41, Priority 4.90, parcel post 4.90 Obviously goofy rates. Parcel more than first class?? Priority and Parcel post same rate??? USPS webtools support will not help, they off it to OSC issues. Can't find an answer on this anywhere. Anyone out there that can help both of us?
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    thank you for the reply. But, will the USPS Webtools username and password I rec'd work once they switch to production from testing? Do I need to change anything else? Thanks.
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    Does anyone know how to use the SHIPPING Module for USPS? The existing link provided to get an account no longer functions (http://www.uspsprioritymail.com/et_regcert.html) so USPS directed me to http://www.usps.com/webtools/ I signed up and got a username and password, entered that in the USPS Shipping method, and when previewing site, got an error, so it won't work. USPS sent me something about using an API for testing. Any help on getting this to work would be appreciated.