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  1. garrone

    osCommerce Development Server

    I'm available for italian translation.
  2. garrone

    osCommerce Development Server

    This is a very good news. I'm ready to help development. For now keep it under your hat!!!
  3. garrone

    Payment method fee 2.1

    You have to use this form: cc:2:0.195 The first value (2) is a costant value ($ 2) the last is the % value, you have to divide by 100 1.95 -> 0.0195. The script use the higher value. To add more payment fees use a "," cc:2:0.195,cod:5:0.02 This version calculate taxes on subtotal of the order, I'm working on an improvement to let the script to calculate taxes on the total.
  4. garrone

    Payment method fee 2.1

    This is the topic to discuss Payment method fee 2.1 contribution. You can download it here: Payment method fee 2.1.
  5. garrone

    Abiut attributes

    I'm searching for a contribution to manage products attributes. Above alla I nedd the possibility to manage other then + and - also =. I installed QTPro but this contribution doesn't manage =. Thanks.