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  1. Kymation, thanks for confirmation :) It works as expected in my store, i was just afraid that this can cause some problems in other part of OSC. Just to be clear: if you use shippong calculation based on real weight DONT use this modification :)) This modification leave out basicly skip ANY shipping cost calculation (not only MZMT) if you have in cart any product (or sum) with weight over 100 units.
  2. First of all : Kymation thanks for all youre hard work! I cant found any solution for free shipping per product so i come with this solution: (My) way of setting up free shipping per product with MultiGeoZone MultiTable This solution may works for you if you dont use weight as factor for calculation of shipping costs. 1. Weight for all product that require normal shipping shuld be 0 2. Set up shipping in Admin : http://i.gyazo.com/940d5bf05ad090e8b9eaff7b9cf0053d.png 2. for products that you would like to give free shipping set up weight 100 3. in checkout_shipping.php find "if ($free_shipping == true)" and replace with "if ($shipping_weight > "99) look at screenshot: http://i.gyazo.com/f4aa110c76c2011b5a934c37e3eb25a7.png Benifits - you can set up policy "if you buy 2 pcs of this you get free shipping" How ? If you have tereshold for free shipping set at 100 then set up weight for 1 pcs of this product 50. If customer will take two psc then $shipping_weight will be 100 and that will trigger free shipping. - table rate shipping "purchases over X amout will have free shipping" still works, since this has nothing to do with weight - I use this with MultiGeoZone MultiTable ! If there is some potential problem in other steps of OSC with this solution let me know :)
  3. Excellent contribution ! Still having problem with my local characters (ŠŽČščž) .... Anyone foun a solution ? In remove htmlentities from smartsuggest.php $display_name = htmlentities($suggest ['result']); and now it show correct caracters in search result (if i search SZCszc) ..... Keep on good work :)
  4. Great work ! Is possibile to use this extension with search field in header ?
  5. After more than a year of heavy use of MTS i must confirm that i didnt found SINGLE error in MTS code, not did i found single incompatibility with populat addons. About George support i speak in my first review - its still second to none. This week we did move to VPS, so you can look at oure store in action how fast it is : Moto akumulator . We plan to additional make some MySql optimizations, but my main point is : in one year of heawy use not a single error ! Only wish left with my store is responsive design. Ang guess what : George told me that he already work on that ! So i cant recomand Georges services enough . He is lifesaver of oure OcCommerce shop - conversion did go up in three digit value since implementation on MTS ( before we use another template, it was not pure stock design.)
  6. I cant thank him enough for his 24/7 help and support and all (free) customization that he made for me - he refused to take money for all customizations beside start price for MTS . So i think that this fact say all about his honesty and commintment to customer satisfaction . I can recomand MTS to everyone who wish to work with OSC. If i would not found him, i will already move to Magento, so now with MTS i will wait for OSC 3.0 :) You can look here multilanguage MTS in action : Moto akumulatorji Ebax shop Thx agin for youre help !
  7. Shopping Cart as Tooltip for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 will not work on youre version 2.3
  8. I managed to update "printable price list" for 2.3. and fix multilanguage problem & tax calcultion ( if you have more than one language installed then you see duplicated products in output.) Working demo with links : http://www.ebax.si/app/trg/moto-akumulator-pricelist.php without links ( for quick email send) : http://www.ebax.si/app/trg/moto-akumulatorji-pricelist-print.php Long ago I promise to someone here in forum to post a solution , but i forget in what thread. So, if someone need this, i can post working code for 2.3. here in forum. If someone know better solution for output simple pricelist in category tree hitrearchy format please share. Problem with my solution is that you cant output only some root categories, so i must duplicate categories table with only desirable categories for pricelist ..... btw. you can also comment my new shop , enhanced with excellent Mini template sistem from George (multimixer). I cant thank him enough for his 24/7 help and support and all free customization that he made for me - he refused to take money for all customizations beside start price for MTS . I can recomand MTS to everyone who wish to work with OS. Kudos George !
  9. 1qay1qay

    Menu Systems

    MTS also has drop down menu , but i didn use them. You can see and test all features on Multimxers site ... i don know if i can post link ... use google
  10. 1qay1qay

    Menu Systems

    if you look for click & work solution that works on all browsers (!!) then i recomand you MTS (mini template system) , his creator Multimixer is one of the elite coders for OSC .... its not free, but its price is more than fair . Look what have i doo with MTS in my new moto akumulator store (test) - not finish yet .... everything what you see is OSC 2.3 and MTS plus some minor code and CSS tweaks (minor in regard to complexity of MTS coding).
  11. Thanks for excellent contribution ! small errata for implementation docs in admin categories.php : At step 7 replace <td class="main"><?php echo File_Upload; ?></td> with <td class="main"><?php echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_PDFUPLOAD; ?></td>
  12. 1qay1qay

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    and one more thing : in main laguage file add this line : define('MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_ALL_PAGE_TITLE_STORE_NAME_SEPARATOR', ' - '); somehow this line was lost.
  13. 1qay1qay

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    Thanks for excellent contribution in this days od nasty black & white animals like Panda and Penguin. Everything works as expected, i have only one question : since every page need a uniqu title, how can i set a unique title for service pages like About Us, Faq , Register & login, Privacy etc . I cant figure out how to obtain uniqu title. And i found one small cosmetc typo : in products_insert.php on row 105 shld be MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION_INSERT_TITLE and not MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_PRODUCT_KEYWORDS_INSERT_TITLE (this one shuld be only on row 145) Thanks agin for youre contrib !