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  1. Hello Chris. Thank you for your answer. But i don't understand where i have to modify the query. Now with the multiimage everything is ok. If i try to install de QTpro, i have to upload the product_info.php and other files of QTpro, and these file are different, so when i upload them, i lose the multiimage... so how can i mix the files of multiimage and QTpro without errors? Thank you.
  2. Hello. this is my first post, I've been looking for an answer of my problem in the forum but i didn't get any. I have a oscommerce 2.2 RC2a installed with Simple Multiple Images with fancy Pop ups add-on installed. Everything great. Now i need to install the QTpro for the stocks for the sizes and the colors of my clothes shop. The problem is that when i install the qtpro i have to modify some files that are been modified for the Simple multiple images add-on and if i compare the files, always i recieve many errors of syntax ... Does someone know or have the files modified for qtpro and simple multiple images working correctly? Thank you. Sorry for my english i'm spanish....