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  1. Hi Robert, I've a heavily modded shop, 2.2. I was looking for a contri like this. And i found it!! THX! One little issue; I've the same problem as Hermann. Whatever i change, only the standard rate exist, nothing else. So, i change the module to what i want for standard, that's no problem, but when i want something different in 1 category, i chance in seperate_rate.php, but no change in shopping-cart. Also, i did say yes tot 'inherit from parent category', but in seperate_rate.php, it does not. I have the feeling it's something like a rights problem or so. Where do you think i better can start looking? Grtz, G
  2. Last active 2 days ago, been a member for several months, but has made zero posts ?

    And yes, it does seem install.txt is lacking something, like apparent required changes to the database, or possibly


  3. Hai Maxemus,

    What is the problem exactly? U can't open the zip? Or don't u understand how to install?

  4. Hi, your welcome,

    Why can't you upload your changes?

    You can send your updates to me. I can upload your changes, if you want.

  5. Hello Geoffrey, your order logging before payment was the module i was looking for. Thanks a lot. I have modified to delete duplicate records automatically and also to reduce products quantity when holding order is converted to actual order. Unable to post the updates. - ksatishkumar_in@rediffmail.com