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  1. AndraX


    Thank you, Jack. The verbos option is active, I tested it oncemore, still the same problem. I get this message: "Found a new file named images/test/xy.jpg Found a new file named images/test/xxx.jpg No deleted files found..." Nothing more, no mail. Maybe there is not enough scriptpower on the server... But if there are just missmatches, it works... Still I'm glad about your script, it is very helpful. Thank you. Andra
  2. AndraX


    Thank you for your answer. It depends on the message from the script: If there are no changes found or if there is an missmatch, i get an e-mail. If there are new files found, I get no mail. Andra
  3. AndraX


    Sorry, i did a misstake in posting, and I don't know how to delete this post.
  4. AndraX


    Hello, thank you very much for the SiteMonitor Addon, I've installed the last version 2.6 and it works fine. I've just one problem: If the script registers new files, there is no e-mail sent, neither with cronjob nor with manual running. Is there any solution for this problem? help would be much appreciated! Andra