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  1. samcoinc


    I am pretty new to this - so bare with me... Do you mean - being able to delete categories and items? That delete button seems to work correctly on both platforms. IE and Firefox. thanks sam
  2. samcoinc


    Ok - the plot thickens... ;) Heh he he The computer I was using has windows XP with IE8 (ver8.0.6001.18702) I powered up my laptop with lucid running firefox 3.6.8 and the delete button works :) Odd - maybe sheds some light on it? thanks agian! sam
  3. samcoinc


    as was mentioned earlier - I am also having a problem with the delete button. Fresh install of oscommerce v2.2 RC2 dropped in all the code changes from Quotes_V_1.2.zip I coppied and pasted the text quotes.sql into phpmyadim 'run sql' window. <- could have this caused problems instead of importing the text file though 'import'? I put stuff in my cart - press quote - coppy stuff form cart - enter name and email address - send request. goto admin - click on quotes - quote is there. press delete - screen refreshes and quote is still there. I tried some of the code changes from previous posts - nothing seems to work. thanks for all your work! sam