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  1. The grid 960 system has strict rules on about adding borders, margins, padding to the left and right. It only takes one pixel to stack things up. The fix will be finding the offending selector one of the stylesheets, most likely in styles.css. On one or maybe two selectors a left or right border, padding, margin, or a pixel too much width has been added where it shouldn't be. I will start working through styles.css and see if I can't find it. The technique will simply be to work down the stylesheet removing borders then, padding, margins or finally widths from the selectors and see what fixes it. Most likely a border.



    It is also not beyond the realm of possibility that the problem is in one of the stylesheets for the JQuery elements, but not likely. However, don't touch the 960.css stylesheet. It is the pure unadulterated stylesheet from 960.gs site.


    I have narrowed it down a bit. If you turn off the information box in column_left, everything is fine. Now to find the prob with the information box

  2. You can do what web developers have done since the dark ages. Isolate the situation and write a special rule in the stylesheet for IE that fixes that one glitch. In other words a CSS rule that all other browsers ignore.

    It is not really difficult to do. Here is a website that walks you through it:

    http://www.positioniseverything.net/articles/cc-plus.html or google 'IE' 'conditional statements' or similar.


    If you describe the problem and how I can observe it, I will see if I can't come up with something.


    I have tried the conditional statements and I am struggling. The problem is that column_left, main page and column_right are all stacked vertically on the left in IE8 browser.All other browsers are fine. I have tried the dev tools in IE8 with outline divs set to on and I cannot see where the problem lies. I must admit that css is not something that I have studied much until now but I am trying to learn it along with the other parts of web manipulation. When I view your test site ..../ninesixty, I get the same results

  3. hi

    In template_bottom.php its says includes/classes/boxes.php

    change this line:

    $this->table_parameters = 'class="grid_4 alpha" ';

    to this:

    $this->table_parameters = 'class="grid_2 alpha"


    But in includes/classes/boxes.php it says $this->table_parameters = 'class="infobox"';


    I am assuming that this is not the correct boxes.php file

  4. I have tried the suggestions but there is still a problem in IE8. I will continue to try and resolve it as that seems to be the only thing at fault at the moment. BTW, I have successfully added a couple of contributions with no problems so far.

  5. my link is electricalcity dot co dot uk


    In the categories box, there is a dash missing at the start <!-categories--> should be <!--categories-->


    the alignment is ok in Firefox and Chrome but not in IE8. I am going through it and hoping to validate it as XHTML1.1 as I did with your version 1. I have added a couple of contribs so far with no probs. Tomorrow, I will be installing loads

  6. Great contribution!!


    Just a couple of teething problems


    1. The instructions say to add reset.css first but the copy and paste for application_top does not mention it and also the ui-select.css is not there.


    2. My browser is showing column_left and below that main page and below that column_right. I will have a play and see what it is.


    Other than that, I can now start adding contribs. I added 32 admin contribs whilst awaiting this one!



  7. Hi

    I have installed the osc to css conversion and think it is a great contribution. Having just read the last post about version 2, I am holding back on installing contributions to the site. The site is only 3 days old and I dont want to add loads of contributions till osc css ver 2 is available unless you can tell me if there will be much to upgrade from ver 1.