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  1. A little history - when I started updating WOE at version 1.4, I needed tep_get_ip_address() on the admin side. It existed on the catalog side so I added it to the admin side. For sites that have a 1.4 - 2.0 version of WOE, they added tep_get_ip_address() to the admin side per my instructions. Hence, they will get a redeclare error with the new WOE. For new WOE installers, they won't get an error. ed
  2. Hugh, I'm getting the exact same error. What did you do to correct it? Thanks, ed
  3. Sylvia, The install instructions explain how to add that function to a file. Check the instructions. ed
  4. Noy, Bot = Spider = Crawler = Indexer. An automated program that crawls your site to add the pages to a Search engine's index/database. ed
  5. Jacob, It needs to be under the include/ directory. ed
  6. Steve, WOE uses the spider_flag set by bots when Prevent Spider Sessions is used. So, it only works if that is set to true and works best if the shop has the latest and greatest spiders.txt contrib. The other problem it has is if sessions are not set up just right. It is a little finicky then. e.g. catalog and admin sessions must be stored the same way. ed
  7. Irina, I don't know what is different between 1.9 and 2.0. I'm only at 1.8. A few people have posted that they are having none (or few) problems with 2.0. What are the settings under Configuration->Sessions in admin? ed
  8. Mark, What are the settings under Configuration->Sessions in admin? ed
  9. Julie, WOE makes a standard HTTP check for the IP address. I don't know how the Down for Maintenance does it. The alternate text for the lights incorrectly says "with sessions". If the Details view is correct. When you say a bot shows as a guest, how do you know it is a bot? I suggest checking out the robots.txt contrib. It is a seperate issue from the spiders.txt but is useful to use. ed
  10. Where do you store your sessions (catalog AND admin)? What settings do you have in admin under Configuration->Sessions? Is the function get_products() in admin/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php? ed
  11. Julie, The customer counting code doesn't work quite right. WOE 1.3 sorted visitor's by IP address and the counters were written to take advantage of that. In 1.4, I changed the sort to be time based. That messed up the counting and isn't hasn't been fixed yet. On a side note, 1 computer doesn't have to equal 1 customer if 2 people on 2 computers are both behind the same firewall. Often the IP address is the firewall, not the individual computer's IP address. A session is generated to store the customer's info like their login and cart. Bots should not have session or they will fill their search engines with session ids for your site which is bad. Bots may show up as guests if your osCommerce install doesn't recognize them as bots. Install the spiders.txt contribution to have the latest and greatest bot name list, and keep it up to date. Using WOE is easy and addictive. The main idea is to watch it occasionally to get a feel for how visitors (bots and people) traverse your site. On one site I know, customers browse for multiple minutes and then leave, rarely buying. On another site, they come in and either buy the item they searched for or leave immediately. This has helped suggest ways to implement advertising, info on the site, etc. Good luck, ed
  12. Eric, Thank you. Kudos go to the many people who have added to the contrib code and to helping on the forum. ed
  13. Mark, Do you have sessions set to mysql in BOTH catalog/includes/configure.php AND admin/includes/configure.php? ed
  14. Irina, Where are you storing your sessions? And what version of WOE are you using? ed
  15. aHfUi, It looks like you missed the step in the instructions to add some fields to the whos_online table in the database. Check the instructions for the SQL code. ed