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  1. Hi, How do I make it possible to let the customer directly download the desired software/audio/data-product after tranfering the payment by paypal ? I saw , that in my v3.0 is a download-directory in catalog predefined, but nowhere in the product-admin configuration is it possible to select a file which should be assigned with the product-entry. is it required to use a special shipping plugin ? how can I realize such a direct-music/software-shop ? (myself is musician and want to provide my sounds for < 1 eur) 8=) thank you, regards, ralf moeller
  2. HI, I want to setup my shop to make the customer able to tranfer the payment by bank-to-bank tranfer, so that he after accepting the deal get the account-number of my bankaccount, that he can tranfer the money himself, I saw a plugin "vorkasse" for version 2.xx, but it seems not to work on my v3.0 version. by the way, is there also a plugin which makes it possible to use "bankeinzug" on german accounts? kind regards, ralf moeller